Artemis is the second novel written by Andy Weir, author of the brilliant and hilarious Sci-fi novel, The Martian. The Marian released in 2011 with Weirs follow up coming out a staggering SIX years later. Unfortunately, in my honest opinion I have no idea how this book took six years to come out if he was trying to write a successor worthy of the accolades he had already gotten from The Martian.

Artemis follows Jazz, a porter and smuggler who lives in the first and only colony based on the moon in the year 2080. Jazz gets caught up in a massive criminal conspiracy and heist-like job that she is hired to do by a local billionaire. She has to use her brilliance to get herself out of the bad situation that she makes for herself.

The premise of Artemis is actually really good. Its a futuristic sci-fi novel that doesn’t get too outlandish and crazy, perfect for someone like me that rarely ventures in to that genre. The unfortunate thing though is that there are so many small things wrong overall that by the end of the book I found myself WANTING to really like it but unable to. Jazz as a character is the biggest drawback of the book. Andy Weir does not know how to properly write women and makes bold choices that just don’t work and gives her dialogue that completely makes me cringe. Lines like…

“The city shined in the sunlight like a bunch of metallic boobs. What? I’m not a poet. They look like boobs,”
“Sure, I have a nice body, but I wish it had been a little more effort to become so trashy.”

On top of that a very common theme throughout is slut shaming Jazz by absolutely every character. At one point a character agrees to work with her if she tests his new condom invention with someone…. Other small things that take me out is Weir goes out of his way to be culturally diverse. Which, under most circumstances is a great thing to do, In this case however it is done in a very obvious way that just kind of takes you out of the experience. The ending of the book is pretty unsatisfying. The build up to it is nice but it just doesn’t end how it should. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’ll just say that Jazz gets away with a lot of stuff she shouldn’t.

In the end this isn’t a TERRIBLE book but definitely has a lot of flaws that should have been taken out of what feels like a first draft of a novel. I have nothing against Andy Weir, but its hard to imagine that this comes from the same guy that wrote The Martian.