The John Wick series isn’t something I’ve ever watched in theaters. My wife and I like to wait until you can rent it and watch it at home so we can yell stuff like, “Oh shit! That was awesome!” At the TV.

John Wich 3, just like John Wick 2, picks up right where the last one left off. John has broken the rules of the underground assassin world and now has a massive bounty on his head with every assassin in the world after him. Within the first three minutes of the movie he kills quite a few people in awesome action scenes that are choreographed just beautifully, and somehow more gruesome than the previous installments. At this point in the story John is tired and beaten to hell, but he still kills a man with a damn book! John then has to seek safety and goes back to a kind of cult that is somewhat of an old home… Whats pretty cool about this chapter in the series is you actually begin to learn not only more about this underground society, but also John’s history. Up until this point he was an enigma. I won’t go much more into the actual story.

I still really really like this movie, but it definitely has some parts in it that dragged on just slightly. The tough thing about an action series like this is that often times it gets stale seeing the same exact thing in over ad over again. John Wick 3 solves that by taking the story to great new locations and having awesome side characters and villians. The addition of Halle Berry in a portion of the movie is fucking fantastic too. There has been talk in recent years that her acting has gone downhill but she is holding her own next to Keanu as much as her character is holding her own next to Baba Yaga.

John Wick 3 ends in just as infuriating as a way as all the others, a damn cliffhanger that promises even more carnage in the future. Maybe next time he’ll finally kill the whole system of assassins and dissolve the “high table”. Until then though I will wait impatiently with the rest of you.