From the Mind of Stephen King comes a new Netflix horror movie with an incredibly simple setting and a trailer that gave me goose bumps.

In The Tall Grass is directed by Vincenzo Natali, a television director that’s taking his first big break at movies. He has plenty of suspense and horror under his belt but this is a new ball game. Ive always liked directors that are given a shot, they work harder and try to be creative to stand out. I imagine a movie with such a limited setting needs it.

The movie appears to be set almost entirely in a large, inescapable field of grass, following multiple people that get stuck in there after being lured in. It doesn’t spoil how, fortunately, but it seems to be supernatural.

This trailer is great, trailers in general keep getting better and better but the quick cuts and deep electronic score in this truly makes you feel it in your chest. It’s got many actors that I don’t recognize, but it does have Patrick Wilson, who as you know is VERY experienced in horror. Hopefully the kid is great too. Child actors can make or break movies, especially scary ones.

I’m a wimp when it comes to horror, I’ll admit that, but this comes out on Nerflix! So, I can watch it at 7am and you bet your ass I will.