No matter your thoughts on Alexandria Acosio-Cortez, this is an amazing story. The rise of someone on a grassroots movement, driven by nothing more than ambition, selflessness, and love for her people. This documentary follows a few different women on that mission to be in congress, some succeed, some fail, but this is truly the story of AOC.

Alexandria Acosio-Cortez is a young woman that I’m sure you’ve heard of. She has made waves in the House of Representatives as she fights for the rights of people. This documentary shows a human side to her. It follows her path from a bartender in New York City all the way to Washington. It also follows Amy Vilela, Cori Bush, and Paula Jean Swearington.

I didn’t know this existed. I love documentaries, and have a passion for politics. I’d like to hold office myself one day. I was scrolling through Netflix one morning and saw this and thought it would be something good for the background while I did some house work. I didn’t get a damn thing done. Knock Down the House is directed by Rachel Lears, a cinematographer that is known for her other documentary, The Hand Tha Feeds, that follows undocumented workers in New York City. After seeing this, and only this, I can tell you she is VERY talented. It takes skill to make meetings, paperwork, and interviews to be thrilling… Although this doc is heavily Democratic leaning, obviously, it does a good job of not demonizing anyone. It isn’t exacty friendly towards Joe Crowley, but doesn’t paint him as evil. I like that.

This is inspiring and one of the few documentaries in recent history I have really enjoyed. I won’t lie and say you’ll like it if you don’t lean this way in your own personal policies, but even then you have to acknowledge how well it does in what it sets out to do.