I won’t say that The Division 2 is great or anything, but I will say that I like it a lot more than the first one.

The Division 2 is in the same universe and timeline as the first installment, but set in Washington DC with the White House itself as the base of operations. If you aren’t familiar with the first the very basic storyline is there has been a massive wipe out of humans as a disease has spread across the world. You are one of the few left that is fighting to preserve society.

The things I really like about this game is the cover based shooting system and the fact that you cant just Rambo around. The customization of your load out is great too, it really makes the grind fun at times, if only cause you want to look cool or get the ONE gun you REALLY want. That being said, even that doesn’t help it from feeling repetitive at times. The story itself isn’t good enough to hold this game up on it’s own, so after a while of running out and doing the same missions it gets boring. The best thing I can reccomend with this game is to play it with a friend. The combat system is really well done, with strategy playing a big part. Doing that with a friend really keeps it fun and fresh.