The theater for Frozen 2 will be full of adults and we all know it. I loved the first one, reluctantly, but I have come to terms with it… It’s just so good, and those stupid songs are just so catchy.

This is technically the first trailer for the sequel since the first one was just a very brief teaser, but, I am very interested. It’s really interesting to see where they will go from the, frankly, catastrophic and apocalyptic events that Elsa brought on everyone in Frozen. From the looks of it everyone just kinda let it go. I do really like the idea of seeing the sisters together throughout the movie, perhaps have a duet or two from them, something rather lacking in the first. The trailer itself didn’t have any music, and I actually kinda like that. Hook people with the story.

This will be a hot take, but although I am intrigued by this, and will obviously see it, I never thought it was necessary or should exist at all. It’s a Disney animated movie so without a doubt it’ll be a hit and probably be very good. Frozen just seemed very standalone to me. An enclosed story that didn’t need to be furthered… This is the state of modern Hollywood though so here it is.