Yesterday follows Jack, a struggling musician that writes halfway decent songs. One day, a global event happens erasing the Beatles from history and everyone’s memory… Except from Jacks.

Yesterday has one of the most interesting concepts of any movie I’ve seen. It’s the ultimate elevator pitch! I only wish it was explored more. MUCH more. There are a few moments that highlight small things that change cause of a history with no Beatles. No Coke, no Oasis, cigarettes, only a few and they’re far between. This is a concept that could have been explored much further and I’m a little bummed it didn’t. At the core though this movie is a rom-com with an interesting engine driving it forward, so I’m not all too bummed that the concept wasn’t explored either because that’s not actually what this movie is about. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t do the rom-com element that well either! Jack’s love interest is Ellie. Ellie has been his best friend and manager for twenty years, and she has pushed his dream and encouraged him the whole time. Knowing that… Why would she get upset the moment he gets famous and want him to leave all that for her? I get that it creates drama but there is a lot more ways to do that. She can be with him and he can be the biggest star in the world at the same time.

Now, I didn’t hate this movie, it was still plenty fun and even though they didn’t exploit the concept as well as they could it was cool to see. Himesh Patel is a great singer and truly did the Beatles justice, and I really enjoyed all the parts With Ed Sheeran. I made a Beatles/Ed playlist after watching this. I also really enjoyed him going to iconic places to remember song lyrics. It’s ok, Jack. I can’t remember Eleanor Rigby either.

Final consensus… Fun enough, good music, couple laughs. I don’t feel like I wasted two hours, but I’d rather just watch Across The Universe again.