If you’re a fan of The Martian, Gravity, or Intetstellar than you’re in luck! You can rewatch one of those good movies rather than struggling to stay awake for two hellish hours with this trash-pile.

Ad Astra follows Roy. Roy is a guy and that’s it. That’s his character. Roy’s father disappeared thirty years ago in his attempt to reach the edge of the solar system. Now, electrical surges are threatening the universe and they beleive they’re coming from him, so Roy has to go find him.

Ad Astra was immensely hyped and very little was told about the actual story. We were told it was beautiful, deep, bad-ass, and the Apex of Brad Pitt’s career. It is none of those things. For starters, The Apex of Brad Pitt was 99-01 when he did Fight Club and Oceans Eleven and nothing anyone says can change my mind. This movie is not deep either. It thinks it is. It thinks it’s so incredibly layered and so profound that peope will leave the theater thinking of it for weeks. Well, I watched it a couple days ago and I can barely remember this thing. What this movie is actually about is the relationship between father and son and Roy fearing turning in to his dad. That doesn’t exactly work though if the film didn’t trigger anything in me emotionally and if I dont care about these characters.

In the end the best part of Ad Astra is the first five minutes. The other two hours is you following an emotionless drone as he drones on with a narration that lasts the ENTIRE movie. Its boring, slow, nonsensical, and entirely over-rated. I’ll go so far as to say it’s the worst movie I’ve ever seen.