I was inspired to watch The Dawn Wall after seeing the similar documentary, Free Solo. One thing I really like about The Dawn Wall is that for someone, such as myself, that knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about rock climbing it spends just enough time explaining it so that I can follow along, while still being really compelling and intriguing in the middle of doing it. So if your lack of knowledge was holding you back from seeing this, don’t let it.

The Dawn Wall follows lgendary free climber Tommy Caldwell as he tries to get over divorcing his longtime wife and climbing partner by scaling the Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. El Cap is the most famous wall in the world to rock climb and even before this, Tommy was considered king of it. Thousands of climbs on tons of different parts of the wall have been done before but nobody has ever attempted climbing the sheer face right up front. Many considered it literally impossible.

Tommy is joined on this epic climb by fellow climber Kevin Jorgeson. Tommy and Kevin traind for this for many years. We follow them almost exclusively as they literally live on the wall in tents dangling hundreds of meters up as they try to conquer the impossible. Through the doc you really get to know these guys and see the incredible bond they develop on this wall. You see the truly remarkable things Tommy has overcome, from losing a finger, to being kidnapped by terrorists… This is a fantastic story of perseverance and what we as humans can truly accomplish.