The 19th century had Charles Dickens, the 20th had Ernest Hemingway, and the 21st century is graced with the literary genius and writing prowess of the great Shane Madej and his talking food.

The Hot Daga is a fictional universe created and written by Shane Madej, commissioned by Ryan Bergara, adored by every single viewer, and if you don’t like it, you can kiss my buns! It has a segment to itself at the end of some BuzzFeed Unsolved: Postmortem episodes, and although it is not technically a TV show I had no idea where else to categorize it.

Birthed from a mind that was gifted to us from another dimension of geniuses, and implanted in a nut-job, comes a story more intriguing than life itself. A story of romance so deep and moving, marriage counselors have taken to showing it to struggling couples. A story of so much drama, the CW was forced to fire all their writers from sheer embarrassment. A story with so much humor, Dave Chappelle refused to ever appear in public again. A story with music SO GOOD, the surviving members of The Beatles were totally and for real quoted saying, “That tall guy’s voice is super duper dope.”

The Hot Daga follows the tail of many characters, each more compelling than the last, and all expertly animated to life-like realism. The story starts with the attempted murder of a beloved skateboarding hot dog, quickly turns into a crab joust, then a trip to reunite a band and go to a wedding of food, and finally an intergalactic mission of love featuring plupples, which are totally not ewoks… George RR Martin weeps at the feet of Madej as he effortlessly entraps our mind in this fantasy/sci-fi/food epic with his beloved characters, drawing us in and then ripping our hearts out when they die for, like, no god damn reason. Walt Disney is raging in his coffin with the seamless way story and musical numbers are blended in special episodes. The best part of the whole thing? The story makes TOTAL sense and is SUPER easy to track. Never in our lifetime, nor your stupid kids lifetime, will we see a story so magnificent again. All hail Gene, and all hail The Watcher.