The surviving Resistance faces the First Order once more as Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron’s journey continues. With the power and knowledge of generations behind them, the final battle commences…

This is the final trailer to the final movie to the final trilogy of the star wars saga. That alone is moving enough, but I gotta tell you guys… This trailer really made me feel something.

Now, I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan, it’s just not one of thoe things that made in on to my fandom list. I rather enjoyed the first two movies of this trilogy, but both “stories” left a sour taste in my mouth that was still there going in to this trailer. Well, that went away immediately… This trailer is very vague. You learn pretty much nothing about the story, all it gives you is the feeling and the tone. I love that. It’s what endgame did and it was perfect because this movie has kind of the same thing to live up to that Endgame did. It’s all been building to this!

As for the specific things this trailer did that I liked and didn’t like is very simple… There was NOTHING I didn’t like. I was worried they would do what every single other trailer in this whole trilogy has done and tease the whole Rey is going to the dark side thing. But, luckily, there was none of that. If anything, it teased Kylo Ren going to the light side for a moment. It also did a great job at grounding the realism of the sci-fi, if that makes sense. All of the ships and bases are all rusted and worn looking. Nothing looks pristine and chrome and I really like that. It makes it seem REAL. While, I’m talking about how things look, holy shit does this look beautiful! My favorite shot was the x-wing skidding across the water. The water looked so good in this! The last little thing I want to touch on is the C3PO moment where he says good bye, which is retroactively Star Wars saying good bye to us and vice-versa. And, Luke and Leia talking to Rey at the end, which tugs at your heart for obvious reasons.

For someone that’s not the biggest Star Wars fan, this trailer did a superb job at making me look forward to it as if I was.