Daybreak is an American post-apocalyptic comedy-drama web television series created by Brad Peyton and Aron Eli Coleite, based on the comic series by Brian Ralph. It premiered on October 24, 2019 on Netflix and is about navigating a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies and “Mad Max”-style high school gangs, following a teenage outcast searching for his lost love.

This shows style is really interesting and is mainly why I stuck around during the first couple of episodes. It’s like a style blend of Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Zombieland. Lots of fourth wall breaks, narration changes, stamps and drawings on the screen. It also kind of reminds of Kickass now that i think about it with the way it embraces making it look like a comic book on screen at times. I love shows and movies that reimagine how to do things and just go crazy with it. Very fun!

As for the story itself, I find it really interesting. Basically a teenager is looking for this girl, who I might add is kinda the manic-pixie-dreamgirl stereotype, a little played out in pretty much every teen romance line, but I cant blame it too much. At the heart of this show it is a high school flick. Although they are fighting zombies (though they dont call them that), killing each other, and trying to “save the world”, all of that is really just a vehicle to tell them same old stories of high school. Boy likes girl out of his league that is a free spirit, love triangle, jocks vs everyone else, friendships, outcasts, everything! Because of this, as a guy in his twenties and about seven years removed from high school, it was a little cringe to watch at times. I will say though that I did have a really good time despite that set back. Once I was able to get past that and get lost in the story, it’s actually quite enthralling and has a great hook. I just kept clicking keep watching until I was completely done.

I would definitely reccomend this as a watch for almost anyone. It’s just fun. Clearly the actors thought so too with some of the names they were able to attach to it. So ya, give it a shot!