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My 3rd novel

My new book, American Holdovers, is set to release in early June. American Holdovers will be my 3rd published novel, as well as be a biopic. Back in 2015 I was a holdover in the US Army. Being a holdover is already very interesting and virtually undocumented, but, we (my fellow holdovers) were also there during a hurricane and violent flood, making our stay tenfold more “exciting”.

SoDakCon Special Guest

I will be a special guest in the 9th annual SoDakCon from June 23-25th, the largest geek convention in South Dakota. I will be giving a two hour panel where I give advice to self published authors, discuss my new book, and do a short Q and A. If you are there you can also come to my table where I will be signing and selling all three of my novels. Can’t wait to see everyone there! SoDakCon website