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The DUFF book review


My first of many book reviews is of The DUFF. I did a review of the movie adaptation, but that will not factor into THIS review at all. The DUFF follows Bianca Piper, a senior in high school. Bianca is struggling with a difficult time at home, and the stress of senior year at high school. She then is told by the school man-whore Wesley, that she is in fact also a DUFF. Designated Ugly Fat Friend. The DUFF is a spectacular book. To give a perfect example of how good it is, I found out it existed at 10am, started reading it at noon, and didn’t put it down that day till I finished. The DUFF is definitely an easy YA/high school read, but it tackles big issues in a way that keeps it at a good level. I kept telling myself I was going to put it down and finish the last few chapters the next day, but the relationship was too intriguing. I needed to know what was going to happen, and how these problems would be solved. Very few books get the honor of being a movie, I see why this one did.

Frank movie review


Frank is about a man who is struggling to find his sound, and stumbles upon an interesting band led by a strange man named Frank that wears a fake head. More accurately though, it is truly about Frank. Frank is hard to review, it is one of the strangest movies I have watched, and also very inspiring. Though at the same time I feel it was advertised very wrong. Frank is advertised as a comedy,and though it has a few laughs, it is dark humor, and I wouldn’t classify it under comedy. Frank is more of a drama, a character movie, and also quite sad. The red haired “leading man”, Domhnall Gleeson, you go back and forth in hating, especially at the end of the movie. The rest of the band, even Frank is shrouded in mystery. I never quite knew who to root for, and who to be against. I couldn’t figure out if that was good or bad. In the end I wouldn’t say I loved Frank, but it was a good watch if only for Frank himself.

Love and Other Drugs movie review


I got really excited when I found out this was a true story, because I love a good true story. Finding out that the only true part was his sales life was a little disappointing, but oh well! Love and Other Drugs is about a emotionally unavailable playboy drug rep, and an emotionally unavailable artist with Parkinson’s that fall in love even though they REALLY don’t want to. Sounds good right? Right! The thing I love most about this movie is that the characters never really change. They are these people from the start, they just find someone that loves them anyway. Jake Gyllenhaal projects so much confidence in this that it makes you confident to sell drugs and sleep around too(in the legal way)! Anne Hathaway just has layers and layers in this movie that you keep uncovering(not just the clothing). Even the dude that voices Olaf in this is great! The only bad thing i can find is that even though everything is necessary, it still feels twenty minutes too long. Great watch, just be emotionally ready.

Premature movie review


Like groundhog day, but with jizz. Premature is an… interesting concept. It is about 17 year old senior, Rob, who’s day keeps repeating every time he orgasms until he orgasms properly. There is almost no way to do this concept without having a few laughs, but there is also no way to do it without it being a tad stupid. Now, I’m a sucker for high school movies, they remind me why i don’t miss it at all. But, they’re hilarious nostalgia! Premature is no different than any other high school movie. It has the cliches, the predictable plot from the start that you will get 100% right. But, it’s OK cause it’s a good time none the less. Sure, there are lots of parts that are ridiculous and purely for laughs, but if you went into this wanting a deep Oscar movie and not a high school movie, you’re the ridiculous one! The main character, who I like to call “knock off Eric Foreman” is a great actor, I love the way his character changes through the movie. His sidekicks; male side character, and female side character, who’s names are unimportant were hilarious too. The real show-stealer was Alan Tudyk though. Everything he did was gut busting. Yes, it’s not a great movie, you aren’t going to take anything away from it. Who Cares? It’s a funny high school movie. Watch it once, laugh, then forget about it!

Kingsman movie review


I’m very happy that this was a good movie because I feel like I’ve been watching quite a bit of shit lately. For those of you that are not familiar with Kingsman, it is about a young man Eggsy who gets recruited by Colin Firth to join a spy organization. This is actually a great movie, its like Cody Banks but more violence, swearing, and nudity! Colin Firth is spectacular in this, I even got my grandmother to see this telling her that he was in it, she was a little surprised. And not to ruin too much, but i would pay ticket price just to watch the action scene in the middle of this movie. All in all, this is a spectacular movie. I could go on and on about the acting diversity of Samuel L, or the stacked cast. But just watch it.

Her movie review


Her is a movie set slightly in the future about a man that falls in love and ends up having a relationship with his operating system. I saw the preview for this months ago and heard how good it was, but I avoided it because it sounded too strange to me. I wish I would have watched it sooner. Her is an amazing movie on so many levels. It’s dreadfully sad at times, but others makes you smile ear to ear. It’s deep in so many ways, and plays with the line of being comfortable. Scarlett Johansonn is a brilliant voice actor in this, truly making you believe that this computer has feelings, thoughts, hopes, and dreams. It is an absolutely beautiful love story, and THAT is where it gets even deeper. With how beautiful the love story is, you always find yourself thinking “but it’s a computer”. Even now it is what I’m thinking. Yet in the movie, people are accepting, like it’s no big deal. It makes you wonder if one day this will truly be what it is like. If that will be some generations interracial or same-sex couple that the people that just see it as strange because its not their norm will have to overcome. All in all this is one of the most beautiful, and deepest movies I have ever seen.

The Gambler movie review


The Gambler stars Mark Wahlberg as a college professor that has worked himself into tremendous debt and owes a lot of people a lot of money. The only way to pay them off is, you guessed it, gamble more! I am a big Mark Wahlberg fan, so despite this not being the best movie ever I still had a good time. But, I try to remain unbiased. Gambling movies are difficult, it’s not always exciting just to watch someone sit at a table and play a game of chance. Generally movies like this involve some sort of hustle. This one doesn’t, it’s JUST gambling. Luckily though, the single layered, boring plot is saved by the stellar performances by the cast. John Goodman, who has been killing all his rolls lately, is absolutely amazing in this! I love seeing John Goodman as a bad-ass man of power, he nails it. Wahlberg plays the Wahlberg character of a cocky guy who doesn’t really care. There are a few moments I zoned out, I will be honest, but all in all it’s a watchable movie. A good movie if you are really into this genre.

28 Weeks Later movie review


Whenever I talk to people about this movie they always say, “Ya that’s a great movie!” But I disagree, and this is my review. I think what they mean to say is that this is a great ZOMBIE movie. This is a good scary movie, but it’s only an OK movie. This is not a great movie. Great movies are movies you talk about until it annoys your friends and they either tell you to shut up, or watch it themselves and become annoying. 28 Days was loaded with cliches, and dark shaky cam scenes that were hard to watch. Yes, it is loads better than the massive spree of other zombie movies we got around that time, but that’s what it is, a cash-grabbing zombie movie that was above the rest of the cash-grabbing zombie movies. I won’t watch it again unless I’m feeling up to watching a zombie movie.

50 Shades of Grey movie review


Yes, I watched THIS movie. No, I really didn’t want to. Last night I was preparing to watch a supposedly really good movie I was very excited to see. Sadly, it was unavailable so almost against my will I watched this shit-storm. I didn’t want to go into it with a bad mind set though, so I opened my mind. This is what I refer to as a while knuckle movie, not because I was really turned on though. It was a white knuckle movie because it was SO awkward and uncomfortable. As all of you probably knows it follows a young woman who is top of her college class, very smart, and also a virgin. That woman then gets involved with Christian Grey, who doesn’t want romance, he wants to fuck the shit out of her and beat, whip, and torture her. Solely for his pleasure. Now, I have nothing against BDSM, if you are into that, power to you! But some of the ways he words these things are just uncomfortable. I honestly laughed a lot through this movie because of these lines, so at least that is good! The only scene I enjoyed in this was the “business meeting”. I didn’t enjoy this, I laughed a lot, but only out of awkwardness. Don’t watch it.

The DUFF movie review


Yes, it is a chick flick. No, I don’t care, I laughed my ass off. The DUFF is about this girl that finds out she is the “Designated Ugly Fat Friend“ in her group. Which lets be honest, it’s Hollywood, she is still gorgeous and hot. It’s your stereotypical high school movie, dealing with high school things, in high school. You predict what will happen from the start, and you are 100% right about everything. But, that’s OK cause it‘s hilarious and we are well over due for another good one of these. There is one scene though that you will feel awkward in if you feel other people’s embarrassment through screen. Trust me, you will know it. All in all, I’d watch it again, probably will. Soon.