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The Mind of Jake Paul documentary review


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Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond documentary review


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Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond documentary review


Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond is an incredibly difficult watch. Not because it is boring, far from in fact, but because it is such an extreme subject, awkward at times, and sometimes even highly uncomfortable. Yet, at the same time as all of that it also manages to be beautiful and a work of art much like the movie that caused it itself… Jim & Andy opens on Jim Carrey in a hotel room, he begins to tell the story of becoming Andy Kaufman for Man on the Moon, and how, in his mind at least, he lost himself completely to the character and was no longer Jim.  It cuts back and forth from Jim to never before seen film from behind the scenes of Man on the Moon. That is where the beautiful and the uncomfortable collide. Jim truly was no more, he was lost inside himself, and Andy had surfaced to take over. Not just within the movie, but everywhere else as well. To the point of Andy’s actual family coming to visit Jim because they wanted to see Andy one more time… This documentary is a work of art, purely because of what Jim did nearly 20 years ago to honor his idol properly, and to many, went too far.

Blackfish documentary review


Blackfish is astounding because it made me care about something that I have absolutely no interest in. Blackfish is a film about the mistreatment of killer whales in captivity and the stress it causes them in life. Primarily the film focuses on Tilikum, a killer whale responsible for the deaths of three people. What this film argues though is that killer whales are docile creatures who we have tortured into outbursts such as this. Honestly, I’m not sure what made me watch this. The first time I watched it was two years ago and I still remember it perfectly. I remember them talking about how Seaworld lies about their lifespans. How Seaworld lies about their fins drooping naturally… Basically I remember that Seaworld is one of the worst places ever. Or is it? You have to remember that this is a biased documentary. After the release many trainers came forward saying that their words were taken out of context and they disagreed with the film. Seaworld stated that their facilities and care for the animals has been changed drastically and that the movie didn’t focus on the whales they saved… Honestly? I have no idea what to think. This is a phenomenal movie and an eye opening documentary. But, that is the problem. It is biased, and we have no idea how true it is or isn’t… It is a great film and I recommend you watch it, but, it is up to you what you believe.

Religulous documentary review


After doing a review on Citezenfour a LONG while ago, I said the likelihood of me writing another review on a documentary was unlikely, BUT it was not impossible. The only reason is that I don’t watch a lot of documentaries, but I have seen this one quite a few times! Religulous follows comedian Bill Maher on this comedy adventure of making fun of religion, while at the same time being informative and hilarious. Now, I don’t want to offend anybody, but I fucking love this documentary! Bill Mahers inability to care what people think and say what everybody wants to say is amazing! His jokes are spot on, and being someone that shares his views, I can’t get enough of this movie… I realize it is not for the vast majority of people. If you are religious I wouldn’t recommend watching it. If not, go ahead and have yourself a great laugh!

Citizenfour documentary review


I have never done a documentary review, maybe never will again, but I had to do this one. Citizenfour follows Edward Snowden in him telling the story and releasing the top secret information about the NSA. I was inspired to watch this after first watching the Snowden trailer and wanting more, I then read almost everything about Edward Snowden and sat down at 2 in the morning to watch this. Citizenfour albeit is incredibly slow moving, yet incredibly moving at the same time. I am somewhere in the middle on a political standpoint, but I very much agree with what Ed did. Throughout the movie you see him reveal the information and it be leaked to the news bit after bit. Ed becomes more tense but never wavers or has regrets. One thing I really admire is the fact that he never once wants the story to be about him, he is perfectly happy to stay in the back. He wants the story to be about the story, not his personality. I don’t want to spoil much, but it is a great watch. Slow moving, but it really makes you think about what is going on around you, right where you live.