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Jacksepticeye YouTube review


FOR ALL OF YOU THAT DON’T KNOW JACKSEPTICEYE IS A YOUTUBE GAMING PERSONALITY… Okay, I’m done. I just wanted to do my intro screaming too… Jacksepticeye has uploaded two videos a day every day for a few years now and is my favorite gaming personality. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of people I watch, but, I always seem to go back to him. Jack has a knack for yelling, and cussing. A trait most YouTubers have, yet, I never have the feeling he is pandering to his audience and he always is having a great time. On top of that he is one of the fastest growing channels of all time yet he has remained humble and down to earth… When it comes to Jack there is something for everyone. Whether you want to watch a 5 minute montage, a 10 minute horror game, a 3 hour unedited video, or just listen to him tell a story. You will find something for you.


AFC Wimbly Womblys YouTube review


Okay so I am completely biased because I am a huge John Green fan, and a 8-year strong nerdfighter. BUT, I love this YouTube series! The AFC Wimbley Womblys are a FIFA football (soccer) team based off of the real like AFC Wimbeldon team. The entire series is John Green playing FIFA games and talking about life, and everything in it you can think of. But, beyond that he has absorbed himself and the viewers alike in this game over the years. Naming the players and giving them elaborate backstories, and advancing the team up leagues quickly! I watch this more than I watch real sports because the narration by John Green coupled with the excitement he gives off is  contagious… Go watch it now! All proceeds go to help the real life AFC Wimbeldon.


Mostly Walking YouTube review


If you are or ever were a fan of Starcraft, than you are aware of Day[9]. If you are a fan of Day[9], than you loved Funday Monday… Well when Starcraft started losing its following something terrible happened. Funday Monday was burned to the ground. But, born from the ashes was something even better!.. Mostly Walking… Mostly Walking is a weekly series with Sean Plott, Sean Bouchard, and Bill Graner where they play point and click adventure games. I know what you are thinking! “But B, that sounds so boring. Why wouldn’t I just watch a new game with great graphics?” Well first I would tell you not to interrupt me, then I’d tell you that I couldn’t give a shit about these games! This series is brilliant and hilarious because these three personalities rib off of each other so well! You have Sean Plott, who (let’s be honest) is the glue of this whole shibang. He controls the game and cracks jokes. Sean Bouchard who provides us with actual knowledge about the game and actually moves it forward. Bill Graner who gives us witty sarcasm and an endless stream of puns. Sure, for being professional adventure gamers, they kind of suck at adventure games. BUT, I watch it because at the end of a Monday it is good to sit down and have a good laugh with these three guys, and they never disappoint there.

Good Mythical Morning YouTube review


My very first YouTube review!!! Lets talk about that… I had previously decided to not do these, then, I watched NOTHING but Good Mythical Morning for four days straight and had literally no other choice!.. Like fate really… Good Mythical Morning is a 10-15 minute morning show done every single day by the great Rhett and Link. I say great in case they read this, but the real reason they ARE so great is because they are just two normal dudes! Two normal dudes in their thirties that met in first grade and run a comedy morning show on YouTube… Very normal!.. I will be honest, I have watched very few episodes of this compared to how many have been released (over 1000). But, I have watched enough to know that this show is all about the chemistry of the hosts. It is crystal clear at any moment that these two are life long friends and will remain as such till they die in a Good Mythical Morning-related accident. Though this “show” is a little bit of everything and nothing at the same time, it has its highlights. For me, at least, those moments are “Will It?”, and “Taste Test”. There is something weirdly satisfying about watching these guys eat a whole scorpion and the hottest peppers in the world! But, they also talk about politics, the future, look at funny pictures, wax each others chests, etc… Now, I have to stop writing so I can continue my marathon!