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The Martian movie review


So this is the the first review I am writing since my hiatus for 5 weeks. I had a good number of reviews post while I was gone that were pre-written, but this is my first one writing since being back. It’s very exciting! The other day I went to see The Martian. I was only able to see it in 3D and at first I was a little disappointed about that. The last movie I saw in 3D was Green Hornet and it was shit, so not a good reference point on my part… I am VERY happy I saw this in 3D! I will get to the movie as a whole in a moment but for right now I would like to urge you to see this in 3D if possible. Very little of the movie actually popped out, and what did (such as the HUD on the helmet) was done perfectly. More so what it did was add depth to the vast, beautiful landscape of mars. It was truly an amazing visual experience! Now, on to the movie. The movie was fucking spectacular, lets just get that out of the way. I have nothing bad to say about this movie, so if you want to know literally nothing about it stop reading now and go to your theater. As many of you know the movie follows Mark Watney after he is abandoned on a mars mission, assumed dead. He has to work to survive here for 4 years with enough supplies to last him a month. The first thing I noticed is that the movie takes no time getting to the point, with his crew leaving him behind within the first 15 minutes. The next thing I noticed is that this movie is hilarious. It could have easily been a depressing movie about a mans loneliness on mars. But its not, it’s hilarious. Watney jokes about farming in his own shit, dipping his food in Vicodin, and the terrible taste of music his captain has. The dark humor in this is hilarious. As hilarious as this movie is, it is very suspenseful. One minute you are having a grand old time watching him find a new way to survive on Mars, the next you are holding your breath, sweating your ass off hoping he doesn’t die. Its amazing. Though this movie is mostly carried by Matt Damon himself, the supporting cast is great as well. With a superb lineup of Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels (one of my favorites in this), Micheal Pena, Sean Bean, Kate Mara, Chiwetel Ejiofer, and Donald Glover, the moments on the space ship and Earth are just as entertaining as those on Mars. This movie is in my all time top 10 list easily. Though its a visual experience you don’t want to miss, I would enjoy watching it at home on my laptop. That, in my book, makes it a great movie.

The Martian trailer review


The Martian is the movie adaptation of the novel of the same name. It stars Matt Damon who appears to have trapped himself on yet another planet. I’m stoked for this, I realize I say that a lot, but that is kind of the job of a trailer. This however is based on a book that comes highly recommended from every person I have talked to that read it. In fact, I went straight to the library to check it out right after seeing the trailer. Now… The Martian is about Mark Watney, who after getting stranded on Mars when the mission evacuates, has to survive 4 years with only 31 days of supplies. How? Well in his words he will “Science the shit out of it”. I’m very happy that this trailer doesn’t fail in the aspect that most do. As is the case with most trailers, you watch the ENTIRE movie in three minutes. In this I feel like you see about 3/4, which while still unfavorable, is better than knowing the damn ending! The cast is happily stacked with names such as Damon, Wig, Bean, Glover, Daniels, and Scott. ($50 says that Sean Bean dies on the rescue mission.) Even though stellar casts don’t make good movies, such as my recently reviewed trailer, “Aloha”, I have a lot of confidence in this. I hope for all fans, I am not let down.

Jurassic World trailer review


The extended trailer for Jurassic World came out, and it is a mere 5 days until release! As many of you are, I am very excited for this movie! Many posters, teaser posters, trailers, and teaser trailers have been released for it. Being one of the most famous franchises and one of the most anticipated movies this year, I didn’t think I could get more excited. I was very wrong. The new trailer literally gave me goosebumps, and I watched it back to back. Chris Pratt is experiencing his big moment in the sun recently, and I truly hope it goes on for a while. I love the aspect of the relationship he has with the raptors, I love the scene with the pterodactyls, and so on. But, what I love most is just the fact that the park is open. Since the first movie, everybody has wanted to see Jurassic Park open! (No, I don’t give a shit it’s Jurassic world now, it’s just a name.) Now after waiting so long, we get to see what we have always wished the other two movies were… At least I hope. The one thing I don’t like is that these kids seem to be a very large part of the movie. I never really understood why kids needed to be in the Jurassic Park movies. We already fear for the characters lives, and we know that the movie won’t kill kids. It takes away from the suspense. Either way, I am definitely seeing it the day it comes out!

The Walk trailer review


The Walk is the true story of Philippe Petit, the man who walked between the twin towers on a tight rope. Much like the award winning documentary about the same exact thing. Also, I have to ask, doesn’t it take away all the suspense and drama since we all know he lives? Obviously he doesn’t fall off, that would be a super depressing movie! Either way, I‘m looking forward to this movie, despite it being a clear Oscar grab. But movies usually get Oscar’s for a reason, because they are good. The film is directed by Robert Zemeckis, who has done Forrest Gump, Flight, and Cast Away, which they proudly tell you in the trailer. That is great, but what is honestly more exciting to me is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who I have enjoyed in every last one of his roles! I have to hand it to the trailer, it has a good feel to it, it has great sound, not too many stereotypes…The best part is that I didn’t have to stop halfway through not to get spoiled! Sure, that’s mainly cause we all know what happens, but it’s still good. Finally I’m very happy that they were able to make this movie despite the tragic events of 9/11. I realize people are sensitive but this is an amazing, inspirational story that deserves to be told… again.

The Scorch Trials trailer review


So yesterday the trailer for the new Maze Runner movie dropped, and I thought I would share my feelings on it. It’s quite simple really, will I go watch this? Hell ya, I love the genre! Will it be good? Probably not, but Divergent sucked too though and Insurgent was good. The Scorch Trials is the second movie, of probably four, of the three book series The Make Runner. It is the THIRD series we have of this amazingly specific genre we somehow keep getting more movies in. Young adult dystopian fiction adapted from a trilogy of books. The first one was not a terrible movie, but it was by no means a good movie. This one however does look like it moves at a quicker pace, and I like the actors. I also believe that I will go into this movie knowing EXACTLY what will happen. It’s the second movie so they will rebel against the erudite/capitol, reveal something big they weren’t suppose to know, and probably ride away on a train. I’m just happy it looks like it doesn’t have an awful forced relationship! I know I sound like I’m giving it too much shit but the third Hunger Games movie, first Divergent movie, and the first Maze Runner movie don’t give me a lot of confidence in the genre anymore. But who knows? The action looks good, the plots not original but we know it works. Maybe this will pull something out of it’s ass and be good. I’m a fan of the genre, so I am certainly hoping for it!