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That ’70s Show TV show review


The more I work and age the more I relate to Red… That ’70s Show follows a group of friends in the mid 1970s in high school and beyond… This show isn’t really about anything. One episode to the next they find another way to rebel, get beer, party, smoke weed, or get laid! And, one episode to the next Red aaaalways finds a way to bust them! Early on in the seasons all I wanted to do was see more Eric and Donna! Their love story was fantastic, and them as a couple made me smile! Then Topher Grace became a giant tool bag… Then I got really tired of Eric and Donna. Almost as tired as I was of Jackie and Kelso the first time I saw them on screen. Know what I never once got tired of though? Hyde, and Red and Kitty! Hyde’s story line, along with everyone elses, got really weird in the later seasons, but he always stayed totally awesome! Red and Kitty don’t need ANY kind of explanation… The early seasons were all spectacular and hilarious. BUT, the late seasons got weird. After losing Topher Grace they did everything they could do salvage the show, but it went more and more down hill, and made less and less sense. The first four seasons are nothing but up, and the last 4 are nothing but down…