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Ill Mind of Hopsin 9 music review


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Mac Miller music review


Mac Miller has long been one of my favorite rappers, back in the days of of K.I.D.S and Blue Slide Park, his happy rap style was refreshing. Over the years, especially recently he has become my favorite rapper by showing just the kind of range he has in his music with Watching Movies with the Sound Off and his soon to be dropped album GO:OD AM. Mac started rapping at the age of 14, releasing his first mix tape My Mackin Aint Easy under the name of EZ Mac. He later rose to international popularity at just 17 with the release of his mix tape K.I.D.S, then at 18 with his first studio album Blue Slide Park that featured multiple hit singles. It was a little past this time that Mac began a spiral down into drug use, causing multiple things in his life to change,and himself as a person to change. Though now Mac’s songs have a great combination of his two sounds, Watching Movies with the Sound Off was a much gritter, hard hitting album. The beats were generally slower, harder, and his lyrics become deeper and sometimes even sad. Macadelic, his mix tape that appeared between his two initial studio albums is one of my personal favorites. The few songs that have been drooped from GO:OD AM really remind me of this mix tape in particular, and I hope he sticks to it. He combines deep lyrics, mixing in the happy-go-lucky feel I got from “young Mac Miller”, but with hard hitting beats that make you move. Faces, Macs new album truly reminds us of his diversity, it reminds us of the lyrical power he has. Even with the weaker beats on most songs than on his studio’s, he really shines. Whenever I truly want to hear the changes he has gone through as an artist, I listen to “Donald Trump” and then “Watching Movies” back to back. Listening to these it is hard to believe he is the same person, or the same rapper. In many ways he isn’t the same artist that sprung out of Pittsburgh while still in high school. We heard him mature through his songs, what was important to him and what he got off his chest change in his raps. I love where his is at right now, I feel that his 2 distinct sounds and qualities are melded together perfectly. I look forward to GO:OD AM. Until then, I’ll keep listening to “100 Grandkids” on repeat.

Ed Sheeran X music review


Equally sad and beautiful, X by Ed Sheeran is still getting listened to and talked about as much now as when it first came out. Hitting subjects such as cheating, love, friendships, and family Ed Sheeran entranced all of us with this relaxing album. I am a big fan of Ed Sheeran, the first time I heard him was with his song I See Fire at the end of The Hobbit movie. The movie may have been shit but that song stuck in my head and I looked him up as soon as I got home, I’ve been a fan ever since. Besides the attitude and down to earth nature of Ed that makes him so likeable, what I find really comes out in this album is his range. In X especially you see that he can sing beautifully whether it be soft or powerful, all the way to rapping (or “singer with a flow” as he puts it.) I don’t do music reviews often, but I doubt a music review will ever be as positive as Sheeran made this one.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 music review


The Marshall Mathers LP 2 marks Eminem’s 8th album. Everybody knows about Eminem, and everybody knows about his heavy hitting lyrics, vulgar language, and controversy. In 2010 with the album Recovery, Eminem cleaned up his act quite a bit. His lyrics were cleaner, he was clean, and that was good! Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that Eminem cleaned up his act for his family, and himself. That is amazing, but I honestly miss the angry, drugged out, white boy, that is Slim Shady. In this album Eminem doesn’t bring back Slim, but he goes classic almost, rapping in his old school ways again! The lyrics are quick and rough, there is some anger mixed in. As screwed up as it is to say, I love it! I missed the Eminem that we all fell in love with, and this a phenomenal refresher. If you like his old stuff, trust me, get it!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 music review


Arguably the best movie soundtrack of all time, and selling better than any other soundtrack of all time, my first music review is of Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1! Having only music from before Peter Quill was abducted from earth, spanning from 1967-1979, this soundtrack has some of the best love songs, and sing along songs of all time. When I first got this CD it got put in my car player and didn’t come out for months. I memorized every word from every song, and my friends memorized every lyric. This CD was the perfect backdrop for the comedy/action/sci-fi movie having the best songs to drive home every moment. Every song on here is a classic that will be around forever, now a new generation has access and was shown them. I love this CD, and I hope there is a Vol. 2 that is just as awesome.