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Ill Mind of Hopsin 9 music review


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Hopsin – Ill Mind of Hopsin 9 music review


Although Ill Mind 9 is not my favorite Ill Mind of Hopsin to be released, I would say that it struck a chord and was more heartfelt than  any of the other ones. Ill Mind of Hopsin 9 is a rap song by Hopsin where he raps as if he was speaking to his child that he has never met and is forcibly separated from. The tone is very different than in any other Ill Mind and I believe that was done very intentionally. This isn’t an angry subject for him, I think it is more something he needed to say and he wanted to go about it as if it were actually a message to his soon. The beat is lighter, the rap is slower, and his voice is softer. Especially in the hook. It is a great song, a better one of Hopsin’s. Not my favorite Ill Mind, but definitely the deepest and probably most important.

An interview with The Mustard Tigers


Recently I “sat down” with punk bank The Mustard Tigers from my home town in Michigan. Consisting of Jared Micheau on drums and lead vocals, Brett Becks on guitar and backing vocals, and Taylor Donovan with the bass and backing vocals…

1. How exactly did all the members of The Mustard Tigers meet?

The Mustard Tigers came about after a cheap cigar. Jared went to Elmers Grocery Store where Brett worked to cash his paycheck, and Brett was on his way out. Brett offered Jared a cigar and they brought up how they missed being in a band. So we set a date, and got a singer that Brett new and rolled from there. Taylor is actually a part of The Mustard Tigers 3.0 and Jared and Taylor have been in two bands previously. One was a crappy metalcore band that we never speak about, and the other was Alligator Sundae. Alligator Sundae was a weird emo-pop band that we also almost never speak of. Taylor and Brett met at a basement show Alligator Sundae put on. So, we remembered her and how great she was at bass and got her in.

2. How has your experience been with Funeral Records, and how did that come about?

Funeral Records have been very kind to us, and we both kind of helped each other out in a way. (If I may say that.) They were coming around at the same time we were, and they gave us a good kickstart to what ended up to be a great fall tour. They booked our first ever show in Chicago, they feature us on their radio, and they’re really cool guys. As far as how it came about, it seems as though they popped up on our “radar” and we really liked their ideals and purpose so we said “sign us up!”

3. Recently you went on tour with other local punk band Grounded, and often preform shows with them. What is your relationship with them?

Grounded is just a bunch of nerds. No really, they’re basically our older-brother-band. Our first ever show was with them at a local pool hall called “Crazy Joe’s.” Since then, we’ve played dozens of shows with them, went on tour (obviously), and they recorded our EP that’s coming out at Studio 110 productions. They’re pretty rad dudes, and I recommend them to everyone.

4. Where did you get the title for your first album The Shadd Inside Of Us All?

It’s a funny story, actually. When we were recording our first single “Fish Taco” at Studio 110, Jared’s bass at the time had a really messed up annotation and none of the notes he played were in tune. So Shadd (Grounded’s bassist) learned the song and re-recorded the bass. Either Brett or Jared made a comment regarding how Shadd is inside of us. Then it changed to “Shadd is inside of us all”, and it just stuck.

5.How long was the recording process for this album?

In total it took us 3 sessions to finish everything. The first day was just a couple hours of doing scratch tracks on guitar. The second day was a 10-9er with a few little breaks in between. The last day was only 4-5 hours of ruining Jared’s voice on vocal tracks, and it’s just been a waiting game since then.

6. Have you ever experimented with other genres of music?

Aside from Alligator Sundae and that awful metalcore band, we have experimented with a few different musically influenced pieces. A lot of the music we’re writing now has a lot of hardcore and pop-punk influence, which is kind of part of our roots. Other than that, we’ve always been based around punk in some sort of way.

7. Lastly, if you could set one goal for The Mustard Tigers to achieve in the next year, what would it be?

I can’t narrow it down to one, but I think they would be to play some awesome shows with some more awesome bands, record and release a new album this fall, and just have a great time doing it.


The Mustard Tigers first studio album is set to release soon! Until then check them out here…




The Marshall Mathers LP 2 music review


The Marshall Mathers LP 2 marks Eminem’s 8th album. Everybody knows about Eminem, and everybody knows about his heavy hitting lyrics, vulgar language, and controversy. In 2010 with the album Recovery, Eminem cleaned up his act quite a bit. His lyrics were cleaner, he was clean, and that was good! Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that Eminem cleaned up his act for his family, and himself. That is amazing, but I honestly miss the angry, drugged out, white boy, that is Slim Shady. In this album Eminem doesn’t bring back Slim, but he goes classic almost, rapping in his old school ways again! The lyrics are quick and rough, there is some anger mixed in. As screwed up as it is to say, I love it! I missed the Eminem that we all fell in love with, and this a phenomenal refresher. If you like his old stuff, trust me, get it!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 music review


Arguably the best movie soundtrack of all time, and selling better than any other soundtrack of all time, my first music review is of Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1! Having only music from before Peter Quill was abducted from earth, spanning from 1967-1979, this soundtrack has some of the best love songs, and sing along songs of all time. When I first got this CD it got put in my car player and didn’t come out for months. I memorized every word from every song, and my friends memorized every lyric. This CD was the perfect backdrop for the comedy/action/sci-fi movie having the best songs to drive home every moment. Every song on here is a classic that will be around forever, now a new generation has access and was shown them. I love this CD, and I hope there is a Vol. 2 that is just as awesome.