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Ocean’s 8 movie review

Ocean’s 8 is a spin-off/sequel to the Ocean’s trilogy that takes place after the third movie and follows the sister of Danny and her “crew”. After Debbie, the main character played by Sandra Bullock, gets out of prison she of course sets out to preform a massive heist. She wants to steal an insanely expensive diamond necklace from a star studded event and needs a crew to do it. I will say that the best thing this movie has going for it IS the cast. Every single actress is massively different in their styles and yet they somehow have a great chemistry. Luckily they have a great chemistry though because without it the lackluster script and dialogue would be just that much worse. Out of everyone, though, I thought the show was stolen by Anne Hathaway. Hathaway plays the woman that is being stolen from and does an amazing job of being a pompous celebrity while still remaining likable. I had watched her in The Intern the night before and was reminded of just how stellar of an actor she really is, because it was hard to picture her being the same person in both roles.

When it comes to the movie itself, it was unfortunately pretty boring. It followed the same three act formula of all heist movies.
Act 1: Meet the team.
Act 2: Plan the heist.
Act 3: Execute the heist.
During the first two acts I found myself repeatedly looking at my watch to see just how long I had been subjected to planning an admittedly boring heist. Meeting some of the team was kind of cool, but not cool enough. The heist itself amped it up quite a bit for me. Seeing it all unfold and the different pieces fall together was satisfying as hell. UNFORTUNATELY, the biggest drawback this whole movie has and what put the nail in the coffin for in making it officially a bad movie for me was them revealing too much that the audience didn’t know. It tries to be too clever in the last ten minutes of the whole damn thing, revealing a large number of things that went on off screen that the audience didn’t know was happening. Things that honestly would have been more interesting to the viewer than we were given.

In the end Ocean’s 8 is blessed with a stellar cast of diverse actresses but unfortunately doesn’t leave the shadow of its predecessors.

The Intern movie review


I just have to say that I liked this movie a lot more than I thought I would. I thought I would like it, sure. I knew I’d get a few laughs, but, I had no idea that it would be this good of a movie. The Intern stars De Niro as 70 year old retired Ben. Ben worked for many many years as a business man, is now a widower, and doesn’t know what to do. Along comes a senior intern program for the fast rising business run by fast talking, fast working Anne Hathaway. De Niro and Hathaway make this movie what it is. The relationship between these two is amazing (not once do you think they will have a weird romance relationship so that’s really good). What I really liked is the sense of humor in this movie. Everyone knows it is funny that he is 70 working for a 30 year old, they touch on it a few times but that’s it. Most the jokes come from De Niro fitting in seamlessly with the 20-30 year old hipster-ish people, teaching them how to be a gentlemen, and being an all around amazing guy… Towards the beginning of the movie I noticed a lot of familiar faces popping up. Not A-list actors, or B-list actors, just random actors I’ve seen around and I liked that a lot too. All in all this was a great movie. It was funny, it had heart, and it’s VERY re watchable. The only gripe I have is it feels a little long, but personally I’d like this to be a TV show!

Love and Other Drugs movie review


I got really excited when I found out this was a true story, because I love a good true story. Finding out that the only true part was his sales life was a little disappointing, but oh well! Love and Other Drugs is about a emotionally unavailable playboy drug rep, and an emotionally unavailable artist with Parkinson’s that fall in love even though they REALLY don’t want to. Sounds good right? Right! The thing I love most about this movie is that the characters never really change. They are these people from the start, they just find someone that loves them anyway. Jake Gyllenhaal projects so much confidence in this that it makes you confident to sell drugs and sleep around too(in the legal way)! Anne Hathaway just has layers and layers in this movie that you keep uncovering(not just the clothing). Even the dude that voices Olaf in this is great! The only bad thing i can find is that even though everything is necessary, it still feels twenty minutes too long. Great watch, just be emotionally ready.