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The Babysitter movie review


A surprise movie out of left field, The Babysitter isn’t even something that I knew existed until I was already watching it. The Babysitter follows Cole, you’re average dorky kid that’s too smart for his own good. His best friend, babysitter, and crush, is the gorgeous and awesome Bee. It starts out with these two doing a bunch of cool stuff together, and having a great time. However it REALLY starts when Cole goes to bed and wakes up to see her playing spin the bottle downstairs. As any kid would, he watches. Even catches a couple hot make out sessions! It was all fun and games until Bee STABS two KNIFES into some guys HEAD! From that moment on this movie switches gears massively and becomes the goriest and most self aware horror-comedy of recent years. Whenever someone dies it is over the top, action filled, and bloody as hell. Never scary though, I wanna get that through to you as much as I can. This movie is by no means scary. It’s called a horror-comedy purely because of the setting, plot, and the fact that there is a couple of bad jump scares. However, this movie is  more action-comedy than it is a horror-comedy. Speaking of comedy, I laughed my ass off at every single character in this. No matter if you hate this movie or love it you will have to admit that every side character in this was really interesting, top notch acting, and hilarious as hell! It kept the old fashioned trend of killing the black guy first, but this time in an extreme blood bath, showing for the first time the true direction of this movie. They had a hot cheerleader girl, who also happened to be a huge psychopath and only care about her looks and if she got blood in her hair. The strange emotionless, slightly emo girl. And, by far my favorite, the jock. I don’t want to spoil anything, but every single scene containing this guy is hilarious as hell. Shout out to Robbie Amell for really lifting this movie up at times!.. The Babysitter surprised the hell out of me! I went in to it expecting another shit horror movie to kill some time, like Zombeavers, and was pleasantly surprised with some great laughs, characters, action, and a final sequence that blew me out of the water. I’m not going to say this is any blockbuster movie, or in my favorites, but I will definitely watch it again at some point!

The Big Sick movie review


I am truly in love with this movie. I watched it, and then turned around and watched it again the next day. The Big Sick follows Kumail Nanjiani in the true story of how he and his wife met and the turmoil they went through with his culture and her going in to a coma shortly after they got together. The Big Sick starts out as your average romantic comedy. It made me laugh and cringe and say cheesy shit like “awww”. Shortly in to the film though, Emily falls sick and goes into a coma right after a nasty break up between the two caused by his culture and family expectations. After that he must face her parents and his feelings for her… This movie is a perfect combination of multiple different genres. I found myself laughing, immediately followed by sadness and happiness. All the characters have great depth, with shining performances actually coming from Ray Ramona and Holly Hunter as Emily’s parents. Their relationship with their daughter and marriage is as important to you as the main story. What makes this movie even more heartfelt is the fact that it is incredibly accurate to the true story. It is a wonderful story that I may never get tired of seeing.

My New Book!

As many of you have probably noticed I have been quite absent the last month, though I have tried to stay a little active. Well, that reason is because I have been doing work preparing for the release of my second book which came out this morning! Some of you may or may not know that I am a (self) published author as well as running this site. I couple years back I released my first book entitled Blackout that did pretty well as far as sales and reviews went! Since then I have been struggling to find a new novel to write and came up with a solution… Entertainment 100 is a collection of one hundred of my early favorite posts from my website, now in novel form. It is volume 1 and I will be releasing a new volume between every novel I write. It is listed at $9.99 cents and is being released just in time for the holidays! Of course, you can also get Blackout, my first novel, for the same price if you like my writing style you have seen so for!


In March of 2015 Bailey had a realization… If he started an entertainment review site than not only would he be able to write on a daily basis, BUT, it would give him a fantastic excuse to be a lazy bum… Bailey’s critiques have been describes as personable, conversational, and honest. So, open it up and share his taste in Everyday Entertainment.

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In the future, after the world has succumbed to war. The government we know has collapsed, and the power has been turned off. A new government reigns supreme that wants nothing but control, and to hide the truth. Who will be able to stop us from being held down in a life before freedom or technology? Who will reveal the secrets and get the lights turned back on?


Thank you everyone for your continued support, I am already in the progress of writing my next novel and will keep you posted!