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Megan Leavey movie review


I’m not a very sensitive guy, and it is nearly impossible to make me cry, but god damn if anything to do with dogs doesn’t turn me into a baby… Megan Leavey is a biopic about a veteran named Megan Leavey and her IED sniffing dog, Rex. It follows them in the tours and hardships they go through together as well as the emotional turmoil afterwords that comes with trying to keep Rex. Not only was this a beautiful movie about their relationship and the bond they formed, but an accurate and very real depiction of war. I was a little concerned it would be too sugar coated and cheesy, trying to toy with my emotions, but it never stooped that low and it actually added to the feels I got out of it. All around Megan Leavey is a wonderful film, but don’t watch it unless you are comfortable with your tears.


I, Tonya trailer review


Did I just watch a trailer for what looks like a bad-ass figure skating movie?.. It would appear so. I, Tonya follows the story of Tonya Harding, and American Figure Skater and at one time, one of the best figure skaters in the world. It follows her whole story from a kid but I assume from the trailer mainly focuses mainly on her issues towards the end of her career. Margot Robbie plays Tonya and they could not have gotten anyone better. Allison Janney is also in this movie as her crotchy old instructor, and I am looking forward to seeing her in the role like you can not believe! Overall the most I can say of this is that it looks fun but seems to run on the same formula as the eight thousand other biopics released recently. I’m not complaining though, thats my sweet spot.

The Founder movie review


The Founder is the kind of movie I just eat up like Big-Macs. I love-love biopics. I really do! And ya know what? I go to movies to have fun, so the more outlandish and big, the better! Wolf of Wall Street: about a billionaire playboy that made his money on the stock market illegally, doing a shit ton of drugs. Awesome! NWA: the story of one of the most influential rap groups ever that surfaced at the peak of racial violence and stereotyping. Hell Ya! The Founder: the story of god damn McDonalds! And ya know what? It is awesome too!.. The Founder follows Ray Kroc a salesman and entrepreneur that discovered a small burger joint with a great idea run by two brothers. McDonalds. He then franchised it and bulldozed his way to the top with persistence, and the lack of morals that allows you to step on anyone’s neck you need to. Although this film has stellar performances by many people, especially Nick Offerman and John Lynch as the McDonalds brothers, it is carried on the back of Michael Keaton. Keaton brings this movie that could have very easily been dismissed and written off as a story no one cared about to a new level. His delivery of every line is captivating, and though by the end of the movie I despise who he is as a person, I love him at the same time! I will not watch it again, just because these types of movies don’t boast a strong rewatchability. However, it was an amazing one time watch.

The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story TV show review


Man, Cuba Gooding Jr. has come a long way since snow dogs, and if that makes you nervous, don’t be! American Crime Stories is a series that follows histories most famous crimes. Their first season was kicked off with the OJ trial. Or, as many people know it, the trial of the century… If you are a fan of biopics as much as I am you will instantly fall in love with this show. The acting is superb, stretching the limits of everyone involved in it. Gooding Jr. of course plays OJ Simpson. I was skeptical, not able to see him as a linebacker. However, if I try to picture OJ in my mind now I see Gooding Jr. David Schwimmer, who I am a fan of from friends, but, have never seen him in anything else, killed it! He had few lines, and what he did were not happy, but, I didn’t know he had drama ability like this in him. John Travolta also played cutthroat lawyer Robert Shapiro, which perfectly played into all of his strengths as an actor. I could go all day listing the amazing acting quality of every role in here, but, those are the big names and stand outs. Now, the verdict was close to a year before I was born, so, I don’t have any memory to go off for realism. I have talked to many people though and done much research, all which points to the absolute realism in the show, along with its rarity in it taking liberties at all with the story. The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story starts way at the beginning, opening up in a visually and audibly stunning way that made me believe I was watching a movie (that feeling never goes away). It begins when the police find the bodies of Nichole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman on June 12th 1994. From there it gives you every crumb of detail you could possibly want. Not only following Oj and his lawyers, as well as the District Attorneys, but, also the jury. The season, despite being short, spans sixteen months… Now, be warned, although you know it is not a happy ending, it still somehow comes as a surprise and if it hit me, it will hit you.