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Creed 2 movie review

Ironically these days boxing movies are bigger than boxing itself. The Rocky franchise has been the benchmark for great boxing flicks since the 1970’s and remains that way decades later. Sure, there are good ones out there such as The Fighter, Southpaw, and Bleed For This, but Creed 2 steps back in the ring and shows them who the real champ is.

Creed 2 once again continues the story of Adonis Creed, Apollo Creed’s son. Apollo is now the world heavyweight champion, having just won the belt. He is on top with no opposition until Viktor Drago, son of Ivan Drago, the man that killed Apollo comes forward and challenges him for the title.

I will admit this movie is very formulaic. The first Creed movie follows the same story as the first Rocky and this one skips a few steps and jumps right to being the same (basically) as Rocky 4. Despite that though I personally believe and see this movie as being better than its predecessor. Not by much! But, still better… The first movie was very solid, and very good. It was a great introduction to the character of Apollo and eased us back in to the world of Rocky nicely. While Stallone was a show stealer in the first one, and still remains awesome in the this, I really feel like Michael B. Jordan’s performance and emotion fuel this movie well. Emotion is really what drives this film. I found myself overcome with it a few times and was surprised with just how serious it got.

The bad guys set it apart as well. Or, should I say “bad” guys. What is most surprising is that the villains are never really villiainized and are fleshed out and three dimensional characters. I wouldn’t say I liked them, but I was conflicted on wanting them to lose, and I definitely didn’t want to see them hurt.

All in all I would put this very close to the top, maybe even number two in this legendary eight film series. I hope they end it here as I feel Creed’s story has been told perfectly. I don’t need to see anymore and we run the risk of getting to the point Rocky did in his later films. I don’t want that for this, and it doesn’t deserve it.

Bleed For This movie review


Bleed for This is a movie that, for a lot of people, I believe went rather under the radar. Which, is quite surprising considering it is a high point for Miles Teller who is having nothing BUT highs as of  late. For me however, I jumped on it (after missing it in theaters unfortunately). Bleed for This is a true story biopic that follows Vinny Pazienza (Miles Teller), a world champion boxer who breaks his neck in a car accident, gets a halo installed and the reenters the boxing scene against all odds. What I find amazing about this movie is that it starts out with almost a Wolf of Wallstreet feel to it with the fame, glory and the over the top way of representing it. The atmosphere of the movie stays there and rides that wave until it, very suddenly, changes into a serious drama. Normally this would kill a movie with such a massive change, but in this case it elevates it from being just another boxing=fame movie we have seen a hundred times… Miles Teller, who I always go on and on about, once again brings in a stellar performance, perfectly portraying the desperation that this boxer feels throughout the entire film. Watching him go from barely being able to move in his own bed to pushing himself in areas that are seriously life threatening is nothing short of inspiring. This is not only a great boxing movie alongside many others, but a great movie.