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Top 5 Bradley Cooper performances


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie review


The original 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy is, in my “professional” opinion, the best movie of 2014. It blew everyone’s minds as well as their expectations out of the water when it came out, and remained the most talked about and watched movie all year. I was in the same boat as everyone else. I watched it countless times and for a long time it was my go-to “background-noise-movie”. So, naturally, I was excited beyond belief of the prospect of a sequel, but, the closer it got the more uncertain I was. Guardians of the Galaxy was a near perfection and out of left field superhero movie that no one expected from Marvel, and I was worried they would cash in on that and overdue all the old jokes… Thank god I was wrong!.. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 follows your favorite misfit group of galaxy crime fighters. They are working as hired guns more or less, until they end up finding Quill’s dad and a whole bunch of fuckery goes down. I can’t tell you much about the plot or else it would ruin the movie, but, I will tell you what I can about the movie and tone itself… The original movie had so much going for it, the strongest of which were the soundtrack, humor, action, acting, and relate-ability of Star Lord. This movie is not AS good as the first one. I’m not saying it is bad, because it’s not, it’s fantastic, just not nearly as good. It was however much funnier, and somehow much darker at the same time… That right there would have to be my favorite part of the movie. It somehow bounced back and forth, scene to scene, from hilarious to dark and sad. It added much needed depth to the movie as well as the characters… Now, Characters. Chris Pratt obviously killed it as Star Lord, the character he was born to play. Zoe Saldana added more depth to her portrayal of Gamora, playing her part of the will they/won’t they romance very well. Dave Bautista surprised me once again with his impeccable comic timing and stand out acting chops. Bradley Cooper is nearly unrecognizable as the voice of rocket, and Vin says his three words well yet again… The stand out role however is Michael Rooker as Yondu. Yondu has an amazing character and story arc just for him, playing a much larger part in this movie than the last. Rooker delivers as many hilarious lines as he does heart-wrenching. I loved seeing the backstory of Yondu and the difficulties he goes through because of his past decisions… Better than that you get more depth on his relationship with Quill that went unfinished in the previous movie… Not many sequels are good. Fewer are great. It is once in a great while that one is a perfect continuation of the original, and that is what Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 did.

Limitless TV show review


I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a TV show spin off of a movie, but if they are consistent to this show I would love to see more! Now, it has been about five years since I have seen the movie of the same name, which helps, but is by no means necessary. The premise is simple really. Powerful drug that makes you unlock the rest of your brain (like Lucy but not stupid). Brian Finch starts taking said drug and is immune to the drugs side effects when no one else is so he starts working for the FBI. The cool little twist is that Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper from the movie) is basically black mailing him. Giving him a shot so the side effects don’t effect him and having him infiltrate the FBI. It’s an awesome tie-in and overall arc that I’m excited about!.. When you really break this show down though its just a crime show. Its more fun, and I like they way the play with Brian Finch’s genius and present it quite a bit! But, either way, at the center of it all it is just another crime show. Which is OK when they are original and interesting like this and Backstrom!.. As for the actors, I honestly have no clue who Jake McDorman is but he is good. Reminds me a lot of Bradley Cooper and I think that is what they were going for. Bringing Jennifer Carpenter on was great. Perfect for the role, fun to watch, and I already see her as a cop!..If you want to watch a well written yet funny and original crime show (plus all the other cool stuff I said) this is where you go!


Silver Linings Playbook movie review


Based off the book of the same name, Silver Linings Playbook is my all time favorite movie, and one of the few movies that has ever hit me on a deep and emotional level. Silver Linings stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, both agreed to do this for very little money because they loved it so much! Silver linings follows Pat (Bradley Cooper), and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence). Both have multiple severe mental illnesses, and are at a constant struggle every single day. Pat, after having a break down from his wife cheating on him, went to a psych ward. The movie starts as soon as he is released, having a new outlook on life and a Two goals; To get his wife back, and find a silver lining to everything. That’s where Tiffany comes in! Tiffany recently lost her husband in a car accident that she blames her self for, and than lost her job for “sleeping with everyone in the office”. Tiffany agrees to send letters from Pat to his Ex, if he helps her win a dance competition. To me, this movie is simply brilliant. It takes mental illnesses and people who have suffered tragedies, turning it into a very real and beautiful love story with characters most films are afraid to use. I understand there are a few scenes that make people uncomfortable, but those are all very real and because of that, uncomfortable. Silver linings also features big names, that really add to the movie, including Robert De Niro and Chris Tucker. De Niro takes a role you wouldn’t expect him to ever play and nails it, escalating the movie even more. Tucker has a small role, but brings life to the few scenes he is in. In the end Silver Linings, though unconventional and difficult to watch at times, is a very real and beautiful movie. I highly recommend it.

Aloha movie review


I have referenced in the past how much I dislike this movie, and how bad it is, well now you get the review for it! I should say though that it is not TERRIBLE, it is actually just not a good movie. What makes this so bad though is how much it had going for it! This movie has a stacked cast, an amazing location, good plot, proven writer/director, and one of my favorite trailers ever! This movie is so bad cause we all had our hopes up so high, to be dashed away by a movie that was used by the director to have a vacation in Hawaii! Some of the best actors I have ever seen are in this, giving B-rated, cringe worthy performances that they don’t give a shit about! The directing is sloppy and comical at times. Not a single damn thing Emma Stone says is believable, and she is just awkward! Also, she is NOT Hawaiian OR Asian (And what the hell kind of name is Ng?). The tiny twist-thing at the end with the kid is pointless. AND, there is ZERO chemistry between Emma and Bradley. On the upside though… I like John Krasinski… I realize this is more a rant than a review, but this movie just pissed me off.

Aloha trailer review


Aloha is about a military contracting officer, who is a workaholic but screws up a mission. He then gets sent back to Hawaii where he tries to reconnect with his last love but ends up falling for his bubbly liaison. When the trailer started I thought it was going to be a war movie, then I thought comedy, then I figured out it was romance. And you know what? That’s not a bad thing! Romance isn’t evil, just cause we have had some real shit piles doesn’t mean they can’t be good. And with this cast we have a chance for it to be great. I love the choices too. Bradley Cooper because he has done war, comedy, serious, romance. Why not all together? Emma stone…. because Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t available. No, well yes, but I mean i like her. I’m very happy she is in it. I’m really happy to see John Krasinski! I’ve missed Jim… If you read my Monuments Men review you will know I believe Bill Murray has the power to make any terrible movie watchable. Alec Baldwin is hilarious. Rachel McAdams is good, her and Cooper have good chemistry. And hopefully because of all this Danny McBride won’t bog it down too much. Aloha looks like your typical love story. Emotionally unstable guy peruses girl. Girl doesn’t want him. Girl that’s his friend peruses him, he resists. They eventually fall in love. I honestly don’t Care! I’d watch anything with these people, and it actually looks good! That scene with silent John Krasinski and Bradley Cooper knows what he is saying! That’s hilarious, and I’m very much looking forward to this movie.

The Silver Linings Playbook book review


I probably will not being doing a review of the movie adaptation, seeing as it is my favorite movie, but because of this I HAD to read the book. I saw Silver Linings playbook when it first came out and it has been my favorite movie ever since, I then found out it was a book and it has taken me forever to find it. I recently got my hands on it at a library and I could not put this book down. I am well sleep deprived writing this review because of this book! The Silver Linings Playbook is about Pat Peoples and his struggle with coping with reality after being in a mental institution after something happened with his wife. He then befriends Tiffany, a woman who lost her husband and is also a little bit screwed up in her head because of it. You find out early on that Pat is a very unreliable narrator. I absolutely love the way he tells the story, it’s like peaking inside someones head that is crazy, it’s almost child like. Tiffany, though I wish was more vocal and fleshed out, is great too. I understand why she was made to be quite and less dialogue based but I still wish I could see more of her. For me though my favorite characters were his brother Jake, and his therapist Cliff. Now I don’t want to delve too deep into this novel, because there is so much you can spoil having an unreliable narrator. All I will say is that this is not a romance novel, at least not your normal romance novel. It is about Pat getting over his mental illness, and his journey. Also I notice a lot of people complaining there is a lot more football in this than the movie, ya its called The Silver Linings PLAYBOOK. I would recommend this book to nearly anyone, it is not your average read and you are in for a roller coaster. I loved it.