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No Men Beyond This Point movie review


This is one of the most interesting premises I have ever seen from a movie. No Men Beyond This Point is a mockumentary film set in an alternate timeline where women started to have virgin births to more women in the 1950’s. After a while the population of men decreased and were no longer needed until eventually women rose above them, putting them in special camps and what-not until they all died out. Which, they are very close to it seems from the main character. The main character is Andrew. Andrew is 37 years old, and the youngest man on earth. Andrew is a live in nanny for a family and is slowly falling for one of his bosses. Which, of course, is forbidden because women are letting men just die off because they are useless to them. This movie is very interesting, and actually very funny at times. The mockumentary style of filming was a clever way to save budget as well as tell the story in a way that would allow more exposition in a movie that is barely over an hour in run time… Being that this movie came out at the peak of feminism I have no idea if it was meant as a mockery of it, or to stand with it. And personally, I like that. I don’t think this movie needs a message behind it for or against feminism, it can just be an interesting movie with a different take on our world with a few chuckles.

Madchild music review


I’m a big fan of rap, it is by far my favorite genre and almost exclusively what I listen too. What I love most is hardcore and underground. Madchild is one of the best hardcore-underground rappers out there, and lyrically brilliant. A rapper of Canadian decent, often rapping of his upbringing, drug problems, and views, he never holds back. He is often considered the “king” of freestyle battle raps, having won multiple national competitions and tournaments… His sound and rhythm is hard to describe, but so noticeable and unique that when you hear him once you can pick him out of a crowd. There is a reason he is underground though. That being he never pulls punches with his lyrics and says what he wants. Being said you may not like him, but if you do you will love him.\