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Wonder Woman trailer review


In the interest of full disclosure, I know absolutely nothing about Wonder Woman AND I opted out of putting myself through Batman V Superman (still a dumb title). Besides that being the case, I can tell you that I am definitely going to see this from viewing this spectacular trailer… The trailer starts off showing Chris Pine and from that moment I’m excited. Chris Pine is a phenomenal action/comedy star and will bring something to this movie that it will need. Humor. Saying though though, I will tell you right now that the joke at the end of the trailer didn’t land, and was just cringe-worthy. BUT, Chris Pines reaction when Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) tells him she was made by Zeus is priceless, so there is hope that it was a fluke or shoe horned it at the end of this bad-ass trailer. On to the bad-assery!.. There was almost no dialogue in this trailer, and what there was was just to make Wonder Woman more awesome! This trailer is 90% her running around battlefields (I actually have a very strong Captain America: The First Avenger vibe from this) deflecting missiles, taking out rooms of people with guns, and using her shield in spectacular ways. Oh! Her suit! This is also one of the coolest suits I have ever seen on a super hero in a movie… I realize I’m nerding all over the place, but we should be excited about that! This is a DC movie, and not even the BIG DC movie with the two most famous heroes in history. This is Wonder Woman, and it finally looks like they are doing things right.


The Finest Hours trailer review


Why do all trailers show full movies now? I use to make it a rule of mine to only watch the first half of trailers, but now I review them, so… Anyway, The Finest Hours! A true story about a small crew of new recruit members of the Coast Guard who go out to help a large crew on a boat that split in half. Also, Chris Pines character is getting married to a girl. I’m not sure about this story, I’ve never heard of it and the trailer did not get me excited enough to research it. In all honesty I am not too sure about this movie even. The trailer is rather boring, somehow it shows the whole movie, yet not enough, which scares me that the movie will be boring. Also, how do they save a whole shit with a tiny little boat? On top of that, everyone’s acting seems rather dry. I’m just sorely disappointed in this trailer, and I surely hope that the movie is not this bad.