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Instant Family movie review

Few movies have ever brought me to the brink of tears. Instant family did multiple times throughout. I’m not saying that makes it a great movie or anything, but it’s great at something.

Instant Family is based on a true story and follows Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) as they foster and attempt to adopt three kids, one of them being a teenager. Though this movie has its faults just like any movie, sometimes going slightly over the top with its few gags, for the most part I would say it sets out to do exactly what it wants to. Which is to tell a real and heartfelt story while feeding you a few slight laughs occasionally to pick up your spirits when it is necessary. I have seem some critics say that these laughs ruin the moment, but I say they add to them by making things feel more real when the tension of an emotional moment is broke afterwords and people start giggling. But that isn’t the only reason this movie is likable.

It is also original. Their are probably other movies like this one out there, sure, but I haven’t seen them and they are definitely not “in the norm”. The difficulty with making something like this good is you need solid young actors, which are very hard to come by. The three they snagged up for this one nail it though,  especially Isabela Moner as the teenage older sister of the three foster kids. She and Mark Wahlberg play off of each other so nicely that they alone almost brought on the tears I was talking about.

I would honestly watch this again, it’s simple, sweet, and funny. My kinda movie.


Dunkirk movie review


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Jersey Girl movie review


The least Kevin Smith, Kevin Smith movie I have ever seen. Jersey Girl follows Ollie Trinke, a successful businessman that’s career gets sidelined when his wife dies and he becomes a single father. Jersey Girl is not necessarily a bad movie. It never screwed anything up, the acting was fine, the story was okay, and the jokes made me chuckle a bit. It was just… Boring… Kevin Smith took the easy win after taking many risks and yes, it made it’s money back and wasn’t BAD, but it was also certainly not GOOD. And taking the easy road is not why I like Kevin Smith. If you ask me it is his worst movie purely because it didn’t take any risks.

The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story TV show review


Man, Cuba Gooding Jr. has come a long way since snow dogs, and if that makes you nervous, don’t be! American Crime Stories is a series that follows histories most famous crimes. Their first season was kicked off with the OJ trial. Or, as many people know it, the trial of the century… If you are a fan of biopics as much as I am you will instantly fall in love with this show. The acting is superb, stretching the limits of everyone involved in it. Gooding Jr. of course plays OJ Simpson. I was skeptical, not able to see him as a linebacker. However, if I try to picture OJ in my mind now I see Gooding Jr. David Schwimmer, who I am a fan of from friends, but, have never seen him in anything else, killed it! He had few lines, and what he did were not happy, but, I didn’t know he had drama ability like this in him. John Travolta also played cutthroat lawyer Robert Shapiro, which perfectly played into all of his strengths as an actor. I could go all day listing the amazing acting quality of every role in here, but, those are the big names and stand outs. Now, the verdict was close to a year before I was born, so, I don’t have any memory to go off for realism. I have talked to many people though and done much research, all which points to the absolute realism in the show, along with its rarity in it taking liberties at all with the story. The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story starts way at the beginning, opening up in a visually and audibly stunning way that made me believe I was watching a movie (that feeling never goes away). It begins when the police find the bodies of Nichole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman on June 12th 1994. From there it gives you every crumb of detail you could possibly want. Not only following Oj and his lawyers, as well as the District Attorneys, but, also the jury. The season, despite being short, spans sixteen months… Now, be warned, although you know it is not a happy ending, it still somehow comes as a surprise and if it hit me, it will hit you.

The Edge of Seventeen movie review


High school teen drama movies are a guilty pleasure of mine. They are usually hilarious and always have a strong message to send at the end of the movie. The Edge of Seventeen is not an exception to this. The Edge of Seventeen follows Nadine, played by Hailee Steinfeld. Nadine is an awkward seventeen year old girl that has multiple problems. Her dad died, her mom lashes out at her, she has a crush on a boy, and her best friend fucked her brother she doesn’t like. Now, none of those are easy problems, but, there comes a point in the movie where it is difficult to like the main character. She is a bitch to all the wrong people, and makes all the wrong choices. Not only do you find yourself yelling at the main character, but, you find yourself cringing because of her! She’s awkward. Holy shit is she awkward. There were multiple times when I had to pause the movie and walk back and forth to collect myself before sitting back down… Woody Harrelson is in this too in case you didn’t know! Everyone loves Woody, he can’t be in something without everyone losing there shit, for good reason of course. Yet again he steals this movie and is everyone’s favorite character. The Edge of Seventeen is in a very specific genre, one that doesn’t often sway from its usual plot points. This one keeps on that course and everything happens as you think it would. So yes, this movie is predictable, but, that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best in that genre.


The Newsroom TV show review


For fans of The West Wing (that have been unsatisfied over the years with television that just can’t live up to it), Aaron Sorkin gave us something that will satisfy us all! If only for a short period of time. The Newsroom is an HBO series written and created by Aaron Sorkin, It follows Jeff Daniels and his new team of reporters on an endevour to bring integrity back to journalism. Sadly, due to disagreements and writing problems it was reduced to a twenty-five episode series. Which, if you think about it, is a single season of most television shows. But, what this show brings you in three seasons, is fantastic and grabs you immediately and consistently. Being that it is based out of a news room, it touches on the modern issues, such as the Boston marathon and deep water horizon. The first season of this show is one of the best seasons of television I have ever seen, nearing the superb quality of the first season on Friday Night Lights. The second season is quite convoluted, all over the place, and sometimes hard to follow. It jumps around in time and I will be honest, I got a little lost. Despite that, I still binge watched it in a day. Season three, being only six episodes, is mainly wrap up and tying up loose ends before cancellation. Everything progresses nicely through and I was happy with how they ended it despite being unhappy it had to end. Jeff Daniels is fantastic, showing an acting quality I didn’t previously know he had even possessed. Emily Mortimer plays opposite him and they play off each other very well. This show has many, many other characters that all do their job very well and are all equally abstract and three dimensional as the last. The one who really stands out though, to me at least, is John Gallegher Jr who plays Jim Harper. Jim Harper is senior producer of ‘News Night’ (the news show they air) and BASICALLY Jim Halpert from “The Office”. I will tell you now though, this show is very political. It doesn’t advertise it as such, but it is created by Aaron Sorkin, a very active member of the Democratic party, and it is really obvious in this show. If you do not agree with the views of the party, but can look past that, you will enjoy it just as much! This show may have been short lived, but it didn’t limit it all in my mind. If anything, it prevented it from running out of ideas and remaining fresh.

House of Cards TV show review


So, I decided to watch this show because I wanted another show like The West Wing… Do NOT go into this show for that reason. Holy shit is this show a whole different rodeo! House of Cards follows Francis and Claire Underwood as they back-stab, lie, cheat, and even murder their way to the top. Yes, I said murder. This show could not have worked on another platform other than Netflix (with the exception of maybe HBO). It is very rated R for violence, language, nudity, and what humor it does have is very dark. Kevin Spacey (Francis Underwood) often speaks directly to the viewers. That sounds like it is cheesy and doesn’t work, but, it does. Francis is a very two faced character. The only time he shows his real self is when he speaks to the viewers, without that you would not understand his character fully. And, in my “professional” opinion it is a better plot device than an inner monologue… As for the politics of this show go they are limited. Personally I was disappointed because I came to this show for the politics. After I realized what this show was really about, which was following the rising of this sociopath and how he does it, it was captivating.

The Edge of Seventeen trailer review


I don’t know why but I have a special place for cheesy high school movies… There is just something about them that I have never been able to put my finger on. Now, they give me a cheesy high school movie with Woody Harrelson?!.. The Edge of Seventeen follows a teenage girl who is an outcast and angry at the “cool kids” (like every high school movie). It has always been her and her best friend against the world. Until the day she catches her best friend giving her older brother, who is also a cool kid, a hand job. She then gets really upset, naturally, and she also tries to get a guy she has a crush on. Standard high school drama/comedy… BUT, Hailee Steinfeld actually looks legitimately good in this and every part of the trailer Woody Harrelson was in had me laughing! Can’t wait to put in more fuel for my guilty pleasure.


Goat trailer review


What started out as a fun trailer with drinking, smoking and college parties turned into something that was far from fun but so much more intriguing. I’ve seen the party movie a thousand times in the exact same way, I have never seen a movie like this and never thought anyone would make a movie about the hell that is pledging… This clearly isn’t a big production, large cost movie; and I was very nervous when I saw Nick Jonas, but, from what we see so far I think they did everything they could with what they had. This won’t be an easy movie to watch, but I think it will be powerful and worth it.

P.S. James Franco won’t be in this thing for more than 5 minutes. Guarantee.