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UFC 3 game review

Being a sports game their isn’t a WHOLE lot that I feel I can tell you. The visuals are stunning and realistic, the blood splatter and damage effects alone are amazing to see. Everything is very fluid and feels real, and the power behind big hits kinda blows my mind sometimes.

One big thing I can tell you though that might encourage you to play this if you’re on the fence is the career mode. Career mode is so in depth, starting you from the very bottom and making you fight to the top while training and having press conferences that actually make real differences in the way you climb the ladder and the people you fight. The customization of  fight moves is awesome too. Being able to choose your fight style and assign specific moves really makes it feel MMA and not just a boxing/wrestling simulator.

If you are in to this kind of thing it’s definitely a good buy, I often go back to it just to take out some stress.

Anthem: my first thoughts

Anthem is a game that is not only widely anticipated, but highly anticipated within my close knit group of friends… Destiny was big for me and everyone I game with and when Destiny 2 came out I was very ecstatic. Unfortunately, Destiny 2 was a major let down and fell off of my radar rather quickly. I, along with everyone else, have kept myself busy with Overwatch been have been starved for a new MMO. Well, I’m very happy to say that if you are in this same boat than this will fill that hole.

Anthem is an MMORPG, or “Massively-Miltiplayer-Online-Role-Playing-Game”. Though I have never played Warframe I hear it compared to that quite a bit. I feel it is HEAVILY like Destiny though. Like Destiny it is a shooter with heavily customizable loudouts, looting systems, and co-op missions. On the surface however two aspects set the games apart. Anthem is a third person shooter instead of first and allows you to pick from multiple different exosuits, or Javelins. The Javelins play different roles in combat such as tank, distance, speed, and all-around. I like this a lot because I always felt MMO’s on console lacked roles in combat.

As for the gameplay itself it is is very smooth. Combat makes you feel powerful yet still becomes overwhelming if you get carried away. Flying is fun and feels like you’re Iron Man. The visuals are fantastic with the world being really unique and just awesome to look at when you’re not getting shot.

All around I think this game will be a hit as long as EA doesn’t make the same mistakes they have in the past. But as for BioWare, I think they are back to the makers we know and love.

Star Wars The Old Republic game review


A game review! Weird, right? I pretty much just review whatever type of entertainment I am using currently. Right now, It’s The West wing, which I already reviewed. This game, which I’m doing now. And An Abundance Of Katherine’s, expect that in the future! Star Wars The Old Republic, or SWTOR, is an MMO game made by Bioware in the Star Wars universe. I played KOTOR briefly a long time ago, but I was always a big fan of three things. World of Warcraft, Star Wars, and Bioware games. They all combined! The amazing thing about Bioware games is that the story is so great, you decide the ending, and feel that your actions and conversations matter. This game is absolutely the same in that sense, and I love it. The problem is though, is that it’s an MMO. MMO’s are all about the end game, and interacting with other players. Sure I had more fun getting to the end game than any other MMO, but that is where the fun slowed down a lot. I just went back and made a new character. I played a little bit of every character, but I loved two of them. The sith warrior, and the smuggler! I could write a 9 page review just on the different characters, but I can’t. So, I will just say this, every single character is awesome in their own awesome way. No matter what you choose, you will have a great time. In the end it is a great game, but a bad MMO.