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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds game review


In this boom of a hundred battle-royal style video games, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (commonly referred to as PUB-G) comes out the other end victorious. A simple premise, lack of campaign, and repetitive nature do nothing to hinder this game from the massive sales and recognition it has been receiving since the moment is became available. The first time I played it I yelled out “Holy shit! It’s like a better Hunger Games!” and then had a difficult time doing anything else for a bit. You start the game, and every game for that matter, jumping out of a plane onto a HUGE map with ninety-nine other people. From there you collect whatever you can to stay alive, dodging and killing other people, and staying in the zone. PUB-G can also be down right infuriating. The possibility of taking 5 minutes to get in to a new game, only to be shot in the head the second you land is very high. Countering that point though, the gratification and satisfaction of actually WINNING a round is more than any other game I’ve ever experienced because of the fact that you have a 1% chance of winning. Literally… I love this game, even though I’ve chucked my headset once or twice.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III review


I honestly can’t believe I am saying this, but, I actually really liked this game! I have not thoroughly enjoyed a Call of Duty game since the original Black Ops and never thought I would again! I had all but given up on the series. Call of Duty: Black Ops III has so many things going for it. It has many different game modes and things to keep you busy. Get tired of playing the same old online mode? Play zombies! Get tired of killing dead people? Play the captivating campaign! Had a bad day at work and want to utterly destroy some shit? Put those bots on recruit! The leveling system is great, the guns are interesting, and seeing Nuketown again is always awesome!.. Now, don’t get me wrong, it is VERY similar to every other game in many, many ways. But, there are fifteen of these fucking things now! It is the little things that count and make the difference.

Call of Duty: Black Ops game review


At the time of its release Black Ops seamed like nothing more than a rushed release CoD while we wait for MW3. In a way, it was true at first, but to this day it is my favorite CoD Game. This is usually the part where I describe the plot of the game, but lets be honest, it’s CoD. The maps are different, the guns are different, and it is set in the Cold War. But, that is what makes it my favorite (besides the fact that I kick ass at this game). Every game that followed Black Ops (except Ghost, but Ghost was shit) was set in the future, and felt more like a sci-fi war game. I missed the days where we played in a real war in the past, with a little bit older weapons. Sure, it wasn’t that long ago, but this gave me nostalgia for the original games I played on my Game Cube and PS2. Until they get out of this weird phase of doing shitty futuristic games, Black Ops will easily be my favorite CoD game.

Video Game High School TV show review


Video Game High School is a little bit different than other TV shows… It’s on YouTube. It started out as a few funny, goofy, 10 minute episodes. It has a “cult” following now. Video Game High School is just obscenely awesome. Like a nerdy Hogwarts. A wet dream for gamers. A futuristic utopia wrapped up in one of the most addicting and surprisingly amazing shows I have ever seen!.. So, anyway! VGHS follows Brian D as he gets recruited to go to Video Game High School on a FPS scholarship after killing their varsity captain (in game). VGHS is set in the near future where instead of sports being the big IT, its video games. Racing, Shooting, Fighting, RPG, and so on! “But B! Isn’t it boring just watching these people play games?” No! Sit down and shut up! IT IS AWESOME! Why? Because they are geniuses and make it that they are actually IN the game! So you are watching a battle, or a drift race, or two wizards just fucking dueling! It is just insanely cool! What is even cooler? Harley Morenstein is the principal! Who is Harley Morenstein? The funny guy from Epic Meal Time with the majestic beard, that’s who! He is maybe the funniest person in this, and later just a complete bad ass. Oh! and the thing about the later parts of this show, is it gets super real! The episodes become 30 minutes to an hour, and it actually turns into a drama comedy! Their is literally an episode where one of the characters parents dies! The episode is about them coming to terms with it and learning to live life without that parent. The acting is phenomenal, and it could be on cable television. GOOD cable television! Somehow this small 3 season YouTube show gets big names such as Cynthia Watros, Nathan Kress, Stan Lee, and Joel McHale! You need to watch this NOW. It’s addictive from the start! Stop watching Supernatural, or Friends for the 1000th time, go watch this!