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Hit and Run movie review

This review is disappointing for me to write.

Hit and Run follows Charlie Bronson, an ex bank robbery getaway driver who has entered witness protection after giving up his friends. He is living a peaceful life with his girlfriend (who knows none of this) when she gets a job interview in Los Angles and he comes out of hiding to take her there.

This is the first movie that is both written, directed, and starred in all by Dax Shepard, who I am a big fan of. Unfortunately though, it is absolutely awful. The story makes absolutely no sense, with many parts just making you angry at the choices characters are making that are directly causing their own problems. Other parts make just ZERO sense and are some massive coincidences that scream bad writing. The movie markets itself as an awesome car chase movie with comedy and romance and its car chases are the only thing I ever laughed at. There is absolutely nothing awesome about these car chases. When they aren’t going in a straight line, they are doing dozens of slow motion doughnuts for no reason at all. Never once is there any danger or sick car shit. The romance doesn’t suffer, but that is only because the onscreen chemistry of Dax Sheppard and Kristen Bell is perfect, which is because they are actually an incredible couple in real life. The characters and their chemistry in this movie is about its only saving grace. Dax made this movie for only one million dollars (and it shows). Many of the people in this movie are his close friends (many of which did it for free), so they all have good chemistry and play off each other well. I will say that Bradley Cooper is great. I’d love to see his character in a better movie.

I wish I could tell you to watch this movie, but I cant. I BADLY wanted to like it, but by the time it was over the only thing I felt was boredom.

Instant Family movie review

Few movies have ever brought me to the brink of tears. Instant family did multiple times throughout. I’m not saying that makes it a great movie or anything, but it’s great at something.

Instant Family is based on a true story and follows Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) as they foster and attempt to adopt three kids, one of them being a teenager. Though this movie has its faults just like any movie, sometimes going slightly over the top with its few gags, for the most part I would say it sets out to do exactly what it wants to. Which is to tell a real and heartfelt story while feeding you a few slight laughs occasionally to pick up your spirits when it is necessary. I have seem some critics say that these laughs ruin the moment, but I say they add to them by making things feel more real when the tension of an emotional moment is broke afterwords and people start giggling. But that isn’t the only reason this movie is likable.

It is also original. Their are probably other movies like this one out there, sure, but I haven’t seen them and they are definitely not “in the norm”. The difficulty with making something like this good is you need solid young actors, which are very hard to come by. The three they snagged up for this one nail it though,  especially Isabela Moner as the teenage older sister of the three foster kids. She and Mark Wahlberg play off of each other so nicely that they alone almost brought on the tears I was talking about.

I would honestly watch this again, it’s simple, sweet, and funny. My kinda movie.


Deadpool 2 movie review

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Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millennial stand-up review


I had taken a break from stand-up comedy for a while because I hadn’t been finding any of them to be all that funny, not even from some of my favorite comedians. Well, my wife started watching this so I figured, why not? I was pleasantly surprised on her take on things and was laughing my ass off the entire time! Iliza starts off by giving her take on things as a millennial on the very edge of being a millennial. Which as someone who is proud to where the millennial stamp and can also laugh at it, REALLY enjoyed. The rest of her act was her observations on relationships and women in general, which sounds  like it wouldn’t be that interesting for a guy but I would actually urge guys to watch this! It gives some hilarious insights to women, flirting, bars, sex, just a lot. Throughout the special as well there are hashtags of hilarious quotes in her routine, which is absolutely genius because my wife and I are going around saying shit like “Hashtag, Welcome To Fuck-Dome!” In the end it’s a must watch if you are needing a laugh and don’t want to be let down.

Game Night movie review


I’m a sucker for stupid comedy, and gawd dayum if this isn’t a stupid comedy! Strangely enough though it is actually good beyond being there for stupid laughs. Game Night follows Max (Bateman) and Annie (McAdams), avid gamers (not video) who throw a weekly game night with a few of their friends. When Max’s older and more successful brother Brooks (Chandler) joins them for game night for a kidnap mystery night everything thing gets all fuckarood when he ACTUALLY gets kidnapped and everyone thinks it is part of the game… I’m not going to lie to you and say this movie is more than it is when it isn’t. It’s a dumb comedy, but it is a very very good dumb comedy that kept me rolling the entire time. The movie rounds itself out with a great cast of supporting actors that all contribute to the movie. I was worried that there would be at least one story line that bored me and drug by until we moved past it, but that wasn’t a problem this movie had. My favorite character by far though was Gary played by Jesse Plemons. Gary is the creepy neighbor of Max and Annie that desperately wants to join their game night. Plemons plays the role perfectly and is easily the most hilarious factor in the whole movie. In the end I was happily surprised by the fact that this movie was quite a bit better than I thought it was going to be. It’s worth a rent.


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