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My Game of Thrones Finale Thoughts and Review

Eight years of television for a show that is long argued to be the best show ever made, only contended by Breaking Bad, and The Wire. Seventy-One episodes that have captivated millions upon millions of people… All of it was wrapped up last night in what many people are calling the worst finale they have ever seen, to wrap up a disappointing and lazy final season. I’m here to give my thoughts on the ending.

Although I’m not as bent out of shape as most people, I am still at least slightly disappointed with most things, and angry with others. Lets just start with the biggest thing I, along with everyone else, was waiting to see. Character endings. I wanted to see where all my favorite characters were being left the last time I ever got to be with them!

Jon: Rightful king of the seven kingdoms, and the prince who was promised. The bastard we followed from day one to oath into the nights watch only to become lord commander and eventually king in the north. What does the man who came from nothing do? Kills Daenerys and then just kinda fucks off to the north. I do get it. I really really do. Jon never wanted the throne, but he was thrust into power because he deserved it and earned it. He would have been best for the seven/six kingdoms… His ending was never quite explained in a way that made sense either. He was exiled to a wall that serves no purpose anymore, in a kingdom that is independent and now ran buy his sister, to appease a group of people that all left on boats anyway. Jon gets to hang out in the north with the people he loves, and grow old peacefully. He’s happy, but he is the only one better off for it and all the holes in the forcing of it is just lazy writing.

Daenerys: Dead. I’m fine with her being dead, and I’m one of the few people it seams that is completely fine with her story arc. I saw her going mad from the very beginning and Tyrion was right when he listed off all the horrible things she has done to horrible people. Her thirst for power and self righteous ways have been subtle and long winded building up. In episode five she threw a wrench into everything and threw off everything I thought I knew in a very predictable final season as a whole.

Arya: When Sandor told her to go away so she wouldn’t be like him, and you saw something click in Arya’s head, it was a great moment. A great ending for their relationship and I had high hopes for Arya’s ending. Now, personally I wanted her to go to Storms End to be with Gendry, but I know that’s not her. Her being a pirate/explorer is very her and makes total sense. It doesn’t take away from the fact however that its completely unsatisfying. She is our girl, she has been our girl since season one. She has the best story of everyone and I feel like its too basic of a way to finish it off. I can live with it though, I guess.

Sansa: Sansa’s ending is the only one I am truly content with. Sansa is a fantastic ruler that for a while now I thought had to be the lady of Winterfell. Queen of the north for an independent kingdom is even better. I went from absolutely despising her in season one to her being one of the best on the final season. She has been through so much suffering that has made her strong. She has learned from Little Finger, and Cersei, who though terrible people are brilliant, and yet she has the compassion and love for her people and home that her father did. If Jon is not the king in the north, no one deserves the crown next more than she does.

Bran: Bran’s story has been by for the most boring and worthless this entire time. His journey to become the three-eyed-raven feels dumb at this point as it has served very little purpose. His character is awkward as hell and just… Boring. The fact that he become the king makes me ridiculously angry as it makes absolutely no sense. I get it, he’s impartial because he is unfeeling. Who gives a shit?! What in the hell has this guy ever done for anyone else or done to deserve the throne. Nothing, complete and utter jack shit. “Who has a better story than Bran Stark.” So many people, almost everyone in this entire series. He got a unanimous vote to be king? Bullshit he did.

Tyrion: Tyrion’s job is the be the hand. Doesn’t really matter to who, since he has been one many times for many people, and been very bad at it every time. The fact that he is hand again is so stupid. Give it to Davos. Give it to Davos. A good man that was actually good at his job… I was expecting ore for Tyrion. Something out of left field. Something Different. But nope, same old thing… His council is also the biggest joke I’ve ever seen.

There is lots of other small things both good and bad. Like after so many years and build up the Night King feels like a subplot in the end. Or that Jamie’s arc was completely ruined. Theon got a great ending that did his arc justice at least.

In the end, unpredictable is good, but only if it  makes sense. Don’t do something completely out of character as a writer, just because your readers or watchers won’t see it coming. Every time you do that it ruins our experience just a little bit more. Don’t do something we want if it feels like fan service, that isn’t what we want. Don’t sacrifice realism and charm for something epic. This season and this finale did all the DON’T’S I can think of and I was let down for it. Game of Thrones as a whole has not been ruined for me, but It has been less than twenty four hours and I’m left unsatisfied and uncaring. I shouldn’t feel that way about something that’s been in my life almost a decade.

Game of Thrones season 7 TV show review


Well, as of yesterday I was FINALLY able to watch the season finale after somehow dodging every single spoiler for the last couple of days. As always my review will be spoiler free, BUT I will write a spoiler talk later on.

So, the season is over, leaving us with one final season of Game of Thrones. As far as I can tell this season has had a LOT of mixed reviews with seemingly no one in between. You either love it or hate it. I however AM in between. Although this season had a lot of fan service and we were able to see things we have all been wanting to see for seven years now, I felt like maybe it did that TOO much. I was able to predict almost everything that happened this season from the first episode and that is not what Game of Thrones is about. Game of Thrones is about the unexpected. Remember the red wedding? It almost feels as if the writers are afraid of upsetting the viewers now. What this season was more than anything though was an exposition season. A whole season of set up for the massive pay-off next season. I’m fine with that though! Sometimes things like that make the best episodes of Game of Thrones and I am now more psyched than ever for the final season. All in all although this season was missing a lot of the trademarks of GoT, it was a very good season, if not just for the fact that we are finally getting payoff on stuff we have wanted for years!


Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer review


There has never been more hype or anticipation surrounding a show in history than that of Game of Thrones. Every season, and every episode has the days counted until it is released… This is a TELEVISION SHOW trailer, and it gave me goosebumps unlike any movie trailer has in a long time. It told me nothing, yet showed me everything. From the narration by Cersei, to the scenes of battle, wide epic shots, and the looming terror of dark magic over all of them. Their are two seasons left of Game of Thrones and this trailer screams one thing… We have never seen anything from this show like we are about to see.

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series game review


I started playing this game right after finishing season six to satisfy me until seven came back. Now I’m almost more excited about season two of this! Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series follows house Forrester, a house not yet introduced into the TV series. House Forrester controls the Ironwood groves, which are being sought after by Ramsey Snow because of their military importance. You control five characters and your job is to save house Forrester from being taken over… Every decision you make TRULY has an impact later in the game. I made a couple decisions I was very confident in and killed one of the five main characters almost immediately!.. I love Telltale games. Despite them being shorter and having very little gameplay, I really enjoy the decision making and seeing where I make the story go. Almost like a modern choose your own path book. I enjoyed no Telltale game as much as this one though, and that may be because I am a big fan of the show itself. Every time on of the characters I recognized came on the screen I flipped my shit! Saying that though, I also have to tell you that unless you have seen the show you will not enjoy this as much. Yes, you will have fun, BUT, a lot of the stuff won’t make sense and you wont get the same joy as playing along side the main characters. I do recommend you play it, just familiarize yourself with the series first.

Game of Thrones TV show review


Game of Thrones follows multiple people of multiple families on their blood soaked, death embodied, sex filled road to aquire the iron throne, and rule the kingdom. Game of Thrones is easily one of the most popular, and best shows ever made, but why? Your favorite characters are  killed off at what seems random points. The bad guy seems to ALWAYS win. You have no idea who to root for because nearly everyone has their supreme shitty side. On top of that, it’s another thing you can’t watch with your family, what with the sex, gore, and torture porn-like aspects. All of those reasons are why we all LOVE this show! There has never been a show this unpredictable, crossing lines that TV has silently agreed never to cross. We as viewers are use to being able to predict where our show will go, know that our favorite characters are safe, and that their dicks are safe from knives. Yes, we cry about the same thing, but deep down we know we love it. Each week when we sit down to watch game of thrones, always on the edge of our seats, it’s because we honest to god have absolutely no idea what we are in store for. And THAT is why it is one of the best shows ever made.