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My new book, Death Do Us Part, is available NOW!

My third and newest novel, Death Do Us Part, is now available on Amazon in both paperback ($9.99) and eBook ($3.99)!

Not all love stories are happy. Not all tragedies are sad. Not everyone is exactly how they seem, and not every story goes exactly how you would think.

For Mark, life was easy, and he was content… He had no way of knowing he was truly empty inside until he stumbled upon something that made him feel more alive than ever before. Once he felt that way, he could never go back.

A modern tale of love, sex, murder, and everything in between.


Clerks movie review


The inaugural movie for Kevin Smith, and one of the biggest cult classics ever made is of course Clerks. Clerks follows a day in the life of Dante and Randal as they work in a convenience store and all the stupid shit that goes on during that day. This movie is about nothing and stands for nothing. It’s just two guys, hanging around, talking guy stuff and passing the day. How is it successful? Everyone is having fun, everyone clearly cares about this movie, but most importantly the dialogue is ON POINT. We jump around from sex, to star wars, to hockey, weed, friendship, movies, and everything in between. It is not only the most down to earth film, but the most relateable. It birthed a career for Kevin Smith and it is clear why.

No Men Beyond This Point movie review


This is one of the most interesting premises I have ever seen from a movie. No Men Beyond This Point is a mockumentary film set in an alternate timeline where women started to have virgin births to more women in the 1950’s. After a while the population of men decreased and were no longer needed until eventually women rose above them, putting them in special camps and what-not until they all died out. Which, they are very close to it seems from the main character. The main character is Andrew. Andrew is 37 years old, and the youngest man on earth. Andrew is a live in nanny for a family and is slowly falling for one of his bosses. Which, of course, is forbidden because women are letting men just die off because they are useless to them. This movie is very interesting, and actually very funny at times. The mockumentary style of filming was a clever way to save budget as well as tell the story in a way that would allow more exposition in a movie that is barely over an hour in run time… Being that this movie came out at the peak of feminism I have no idea if it was meant as a mockery of it, or to stand with it. And personally, I like that. I don’t think this movie needs a message behind it for or against feminism, it can just be an interesting movie with a different take on our world with a few chuckles.

Operator trailer review


What seems like a wonderful new take on romance and a movie about working with technology, quickly takes a turn for what is sadly just a rip off of an already nearly perfect movie. Although it is possible there is more to this movie than just being a clear “Her” rip off, it is unlikely. It opens with Retta (who might be a saving grace for this movie) yelling at her team to find a new voice for their Siri-like system. Martin Starr then decides to use his wife’s voice, played by Mae Whitman, for the program. An aspect of this I really liked  is how it used formulas and charts in the trailer to show work and what-not. I really hope that is a big aspect to this film!.. Sadly though this trailer kept becoming more and more of a Her wannabe as it went on. Joe (Starr) began to fall in love with the voice/operating system that is his own wife’s voice instead of his actual wife… From what I’ve read about this movie there is a bit more to it but if they wanted to get any of that across, they failed with this trailer.


American Honey trailer review


I believe in the Shia comeback! He’s been building it up for years, showing us his chops. This could be it! OR it could be a giant pile of indie shit and pile drive whats left of his career that isn’t a joke. That’t totally an option too… American Honey follows teenager “Star” as she joins a group of traveling magazine salesman. Among the hippie teens is Jake (Shia). From what I understand they fall in love and get into shenanigans together… I love a good indie movie but this movie looks WAY too millennial propaganda to me. And I myself am a millennial! Ya, the music is awesome and it paints a nice picture of this movie… At 90 minutes this could be a nice romp, but, at a whopping 162 minutes I’m not touching it!


TiMER movie review


TiMER is a Romantic comedy drama (rodramedy?) set in an alternate universe or future, I’m not quite sure, where people can get a timer installed in their arm that will tell them the exact moment they meet their soul mate. I love this premise. It is incredibly original and the only thing I can think of that is similar is In Time… This movie is VERY indie. I don’t recognize any of the faces, or any of the people/companies that made it! To me though that is actually very refreshing. It’s nice to see a movie scratched own to its bare essentials. The downside is that the acting is just “meh”, and parts of the movie make little to no sense. I wouldn’t say this is a great movie, it is merely okay. It was more the experience and the originality that kept me hooked, and I think it will get you too!


Silver Linings Playbook movie review


Based off the book of the same name, Silver Linings Playbook is my all time favorite movie, and one of the few movies that has ever hit me on a deep and emotional level. Silver Linings stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, both agreed to do this for very little money because they loved it so much! Silver linings follows Pat (Bradley Cooper), and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence). Both have multiple severe mental illnesses, and are at a constant struggle every single day. Pat, after having a break down from his wife cheating on him, went to a psych ward. The movie starts as soon as he is released, having a new outlook on life and a Two goals; To get his wife back, and find a silver lining to everything. That’s where Tiffany comes in! Tiffany recently lost her husband in a car accident that she blames her self for, and than lost her job for “sleeping with everyone in the office”. Tiffany agrees to send letters from Pat to his Ex, if he helps her win a dance competition. To me, this movie is simply brilliant. It takes mental illnesses and people who have suffered tragedies, turning it into a very real and beautiful love story with characters most films are afraid to use. I understand there are a few scenes that make people uncomfortable, but those are all very real and because of that, uncomfortable. Silver linings also features big names, that really add to the movie, including Robert De Niro and Chris Tucker. De Niro takes a role you wouldn’t expect him to ever play and nails it, escalating the movie even more. Tucker has a small role, but brings life to the few scenes he is in. In the end Silver Linings, though unconventional and difficult to watch at times, is a very real and beautiful movie. I highly recommend it.

Sleepwalk With Me movie review


Sleepwalk With Me is the true story of Mike Birbiglia, playing himself under the fake name Matt Pandamiglio, clever. Sleepwalk With Me follows Matt Pandamiglio, an aspiring comedian who’s sole purpose as a comedian is to take the bullet for those funnier and better than him. Until he starts incorporating jokes about his relationship he has commitment issues in. The first thing I noticed is that Matt is kind of an ass, if he wasn’t the main character, we wouldn’t root for him. There is even a time where he has to remind us that we are on his side! That is probably the only thing I can find wrong with this movie though. Being a very successful stand up comedian, Mike Birbiglia is obviously brilliant with his trademark dry comedy. What I didn’t know is that he could write and act in a movie so damn well! Sleepwalk With Me moves along at the perfect pace, telling it’s story brilliantly. If you are familiar with Mike’s stand up you will notice many of his jokes in this and his story’s which I love. The sleepwalking is a nice little bit, but for being the main part of the movie, I found it as more of a side story. The real aspect you will care about is the stand up. Seeing him develop his style and become more known and confident on stage is a great progression to watch. All in all it’s an amazing indie film, and movie in general. It functions as much more than a comedy and I had a great time!

Frank movie review


Frank is about a man who is struggling to find his sound, and stumbles upon an interesting band led by a strange man named Frank that wears a fake head. More accurately though, it is truly about Frank. Frank is hard to review, it is one of the strangest movies I have watched, and also very inspiring. Though at the same time I feel it was advertised very wrong. Frank is advertised as a comedy,and though it has a few laughs, it is dark humor, and I wouldn’t classify it under comedy. Frank is more of a drama, a character movie, and also quite sad. The red haired “leading man”, Domhnall Gleeson, you go back and forth in hating, especially at the end of the movie. The rest of the band, even Frank is shrouded in mystery. I never quite knew who to root for, and who to be against. I couldn’t figure out if that was good or bad. In the end I wouldn’t say I loved Frank, but it was a good watch if only for Frank himself.