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My top 5 MCU movies


Avengers: Infinity War movie review


Well here it is. The big one. Everything that a decade of Marvel and eighteen movies have led up to. No ones expectations could be higher, it had so much to live up to… And you know what? It NAILED it. Avengers: Infinity war is what everything was always leading up to. The Avenger are all assembled, with a massive number of them now, all to fight Thanos as he is nearing completion in uniting all of the Infinity stones and wiping out half of the universe. This is probably one of the most exciting movies I have ever seen for many reasons, probably the biggest though being that I got to see crossovers from heroes I only dreamed of seeing together! What is really cool is that no one seems to be left behind. Certain characters may only be in here for what feels like minutes but it always feels like they contributed exactly what they needed to. Because of that though it is also a stupidly long movie. Don’t misunderstand me, that is certainly not a complaint, I could have happily sat through it if it was triple the length… Much like every Marvel movie the comedy is prevalent and there without ever really taking away from the tone of the movie, which is ever-changing. As you switch between heroes you follow the tone and feel of the movie changes on a dime. When we go to the Guardians you get some cool 80’s jam and humor, then it switches to Wakanda and we get the tribal music everyone associates with Black Panther. However, the comedy isn’t there as much as other Marvel movies and you have to go into this realizing it isn’t going to pull punches like other Marvel movies either. Right from the opening scene it proves that there are going to be much darker takes in here than anywhere else and it keeps proving that right up until the bitter end. It’s difficult to write a review for the most anticipated movie in a decade without giving anything away so I’m going to leave it here. After watching this, you will have just as much you want to say as I want to!

Avengers: Infinity War trailer review


Now, I’m not a HUGE Marvel fan so I don’t know everything there is to know about this universe. However, I’m also not insane or been living under a rock, so I’ve obviously seen all the MCU movies at this point (some more than others). What I do know though, just from watching this trailer, is that this movie has the potential to make every other MCU movie look boring by comparison! The biggest reveal of them all is clearly Thanos, a foe we have been preparing for almost 6 years now, that until this point had just been sitting in a chair and made of bad CGI. To me the second biggest reveal was The Guardians of the Galaxy for a split second at the end of the trailer. Something that I have thought a lot about ever since 2014 with the original Guardians movie was how they were going to tie in with the MCU, and if we would ever get to see them fight alongside the Avengers. To me, and everyone else I assume, their movies seemed completely separate from everyone else’s. I don’t know if they will fight this movie, or maybe they showed us the after credit sequence it the trailer! Either way, it was awesome… Another couple of things worth mentioning are emo Captain America, the addition of Dr. Strange, Caucasian vision, and the return of Hulk. Dr. Strange was another hero who’s addition to the group confused me slightly with how it will be done. Where the Guardians are far more advanced, technologically speaking, Dr. Strange’s powers will be almost overpowering in my opinion. I hope they don’t “nerf” him. Human looking Vision took me back for a second, and Thanos taking his forehead rock (yes, I know what it is called) took be back for a moment. I’m very interested to not only see why he is normal looking, but to see if he even lives!.. Oh! Spidey is in this too, obviously. After his hit of a movie, not throwing him in anything you possibly can would just be stupid! A couple changes though. He appears to have Spidey-senses now, which is a damn good thing too because he sucked at fighting without them! He also appears to have a new suit for some reason… I feel like I have been talking about Spider-Man’s new suit ever couple years for most of my life at this point. Either way, I’m not a fan… Out of the whole trailer though, that is about the only thing I’m not a fan of. It was action packed and smart. Teased just enough of what I needed to get me interested while still telling me absolutely nothing overall. It was also darker than most MCU movies seem, which I hope stays true in the actual movie. Either way though we all know I’m going to see this, and we all now you are going to see this, just like everyone else!

Spider-Man: Homecoming movie review


Disappointed FEELS too strong a word to describe what I felt after walking out of this theater, but unfortunately, it is an accurate description. Of all the talk about Tom Holland being the best Spiderman yet and this movie being a reawakening for the MCU, I was expecting my jaw to drop at least a little bit. Now, don’t mistake me, this is by no means a cut at the sake of Tom Holland, Holland is a brilliant Spiderman who plays a younger and more true to form Spidey than we have ever seen on the screen. The movie however, and the directions that they decided to take it in are where my gripes come from… I appreciate the fact that this is not an origin story, I would not have walked into a theater for a THIRD Spiderman origin story in 15 years. But, I would like to point something out… Remember in the original Spiderman movie (the movie of which I hold every Spiderman movie up to) when there is a montage of Peter Parker coming in to his own as Spiderman over a few months or more? That’s what this movie is. Spider-Man: Homecoming is a movie about Spiderman coming in to his own as a hero that, in my (not so) professional opinion, was done in just an incredibly boring manner. For one, we never see a struggle between being Peter and being Spidey that has always plagued our beloved super hero. We never see uncle Ben die, or hear much of it. We never see him NOT as Spiderman and its difficult to know what his drive and motivation to BE Spiderman is… Also, his relationship with Liz, though more true to high school romances, is also quite bleak and goes nowhere… His suit, which has received mixed reviews, I’m actually on the negative side of. At first it was cool, however once he “unlocked” all of its abilities I feel it took away from him as Spiderman rather than adding to him. Without his spidey-senses, and with this suit, it basically makes it so that anyone could be Spiderman, and, in my opinion, makes him closer to Iron Man than a true Spiderman. But, with a suit of this stature and a villian like Micheal Keaton, you would think there would be loads of action, right? Wrong! Like, thirty minutes of action! So disappointing… I don’t do star ratings, but out of the six Spiderman movies we have now it falls somewhere around the same lines of the first Amazing Spiderman film.

Iron Man is better than Batman: Why Batman is terrible


An argument I have had for some time is whether Iron Man or Batman is better. Both share a lot of similarities, the largest being that they both have no super hero abilities, unless you count being filthy rich… I believe strongly that Iron Man is not only better than Batman, but, that Batman is a terrible super hero.  (Disclaimer: I am not a big comic book reader so my arguments will be made solely referencing the movie universe.) 

Lets start with the super hero suits themselves.  Bruce Wayne is worth about 9.2 billion dollars, while Tony Stark is worth around 12.4 billion dollars. To any normal person three billion dollars is a lot of money! However, when you look at it in that amount there is nothing you can do with 9 billion you can’t do with 12. So I ask you, why is the bat suit leagues worse than the Iron Man suit? Yes, the suit Batman wears looks really cool, I will give you that. However, The Iron man suit is equipped with missiles, guns, energy weapons, an AI software, it can fly, is made of METAL, and a lot more. And it is clear it didn’t cost him much more because Tony has made near fifty of them already. On top of that, Bruce wasn’t trying to save money while making his suit because he orders hundreds of face pieces just to disguise wanting one for himself!.. Now, what you could say is that Batman has the batmobile, the batwing and his super computer in the bat cave, BUT, Tony doesn’t need any of those things because it is all already equipped in his one suit.

Alright, hopefully now I have convinced you that Bruce Wayne made a terrible decision to make the suit he did. Now I will convince you on why Bruce Wayne is just a terrible person! Isn’t this fun?.. So, Wayne enterprises is a very large corporation with a lot of money. The company does many, many things. One of which, largely supported by Bruce’s father Thomas, is charity. Thomas was a large supporter in helping the under privileged and supporting Gotham in any way he could. He would donate money, homeless shelters, and even built a train system to help people get to work! Not only did Bruce stop helping the poor he actually DESTROYED that train. Bruce Wayne could do much more for Gotham if he donated money, helped the poor, and pretty much everything his father did. Unfortunately he chose to run around looking like a bat instead. Tony’s father on the other hand, as well as Tony Himself, developed weapons and sold them to the highest bidder. Tony stopped that to help people.

Sure, without the suits Bruce would kick Tony’s ass. Bruce is basically a ninja and Tony is just a regular guy. Yet, despite that, Iron Man is a much better super hero. Bruce doesn’t want to help people, if he actually did he would follow in his fathers footsteps to help Gotham. Bruce wants to beat people up while satisfying his leather fetish.


Captain America: Civil War movie review


It took me long enough to see this! Damn!.. I’m just going to refer to this as Civil War because in every sense, this is an Avengers movie. Civil war doesn’t need much of an introduction. Everyone and their sister has looked forward to this movie for a very long time… So, at the beginning of the movie Wanda accidentally kills a bunch of civilians which causes everyone to look closer at the damage the Avengers truly cause. The UN fashions up an agreement, making the Avengers a government run “back up” of sorts. Captain America and a bunch of other super heroes disagree, Iron Man and a bunch of other super heroes agree. At the same time Bucky (Winter Soldier) is trying to escape the clutches of the government and Captain America is helping… This movie had every possibility to be a giant cluster fuck. This had every opportunity disappoint everyone! This movie has so much talent and so much buildup that it would take a miracle (or Marvel studios) to handle all of that!.. But it did… This movie has the same light hearted tone most of the time we are use to. But, countering that, when it needed to be serious it was. For the first time in a Marvel movie I was concerned for the characters lives! Lets touch on the characters now, and there are a lot of them! Iron Man and Captain America countered each other superbly. They clashed and you saw their friendship crumble because of it. Bucky was amazing and I was very invested in his story. I was worried his story would get in the way but I loved learning how he came to be! The reveal of Black Panther was awesome, especially the reveal of who he was! Seeing a hero who does not act as an Avenger, and does not want to be one is great! Paul Rudd as Ant Man was awesome comic relief and fit in SO much better than I thought he would. Everyone else was as you would expect them, BUT the one everyone looked forward to is Spider Man! Everyone but me. Going in to this I was not excited about Spider Man. In fifteen years I have seen 5 movies and 2 different actors… I was blown away! Tom Holland NAILED every aspect of Spider Man. He is a better Peter Parker than Tobey Maguire and a better Spider Man than Andrew Garfield! If you like him make sure to stick around for the end credits!.. This movie is great and you have to see it!.. But, you already knew that. Didn’t you?



Captain America: Civil War trailer review


Okay, so, I couldn’t let one more day go by without reviewing this new trailer… Civil War needs no introduction or explanation at this point, so why don’t I just get to the trailer? This trailer is a lot more action filled, a lot quicker pace, and a lot cooler in my opinion. I’m not gonna lie, I’m full on team Iron Man… This trailer really made Cap seem like the bad guy, and I love it. I never thought Marvel would be able to make Captain America seem like the bad guy, but they succeeded. After watching this I don’t think Bucky is savable. It appears he kills War Machine and tries to shoot Tony JUST in this two minute trailer… There is so much to talk about in this, but something nobody is talking about is Ant Man… I realize he didn’t have the best movie, but its cool seeing him fight among the other heroes, if only for a second in this! After seeing this though it makes me worried that there is just too much to it. Too many heroes/villains. Too many story lines. Too much to touch on. I worry it will be packed, and too many things will be shoe horned… Now, what everyone is talking about…Spiderman. I should be a lot more excited, but I’m not. This is the THIRD Spiderman I have seen in 15 years. I know it is Marvel, but I’m not that excited. I’m also not sure how I feel about the suit. At first I hated it, now I only kind of hate it… I really think they should have completely left Spidey out till the movie. Anyway, I don’t need to tell you to watch it. I know everyone already will!

Captain America: Civil War trailer review


We have all seen it, more than likely 50 times, and we all love it. The first trailer for Captain America: Civil War was dropped on us randomly and it is heavenly… I love the darker feel of it, almost like the first Ultron trailer, which is a good change. I also love that it focuses on Cap a lot since everyone has been saying it is basically just an Avengers movie. I have a little bit of a controversial opinion on this though. Personally I side with Tony/Iron Man on this. Though this is a Captain America movie, I see him more as the bad guy than anything else. I am curious to see if they market this as a “Team Iron Man” or “Team Captain America” thing. Either way though, this trailer is amazing and very emotionally charged. You get glimpses of everybody, and the “So was I” line gives me goosebumps every time. A+ (I don’t rate, but it gets an A+ if I did.)

Avengers: Age of Ultron movie review


I realize that this is a long overdue post, but I prefer to look at it as fashionably late! Age of Ultron is the kick-ass sequel to the Avengers movie. Age of Ultron follows the Avengers team as they attempt to take down Ultron, an AI created by Tony and Bruce set out to kill the planet. I was able to see this movie in theater, and let me tell you, I would not have enjoyed this nearly as much on my laptop! Within the first 5 minutes I had goosebumps on my arms and had put away my popcorn. This movie adds so much to the Marvel universe and the brilliant characters we have all fallen in love with. I am not saying that any of these characters were two dimensional in either way, but they never had the depth they do now. Hawkeye is one of my favorite characters now, and the heart of the Avengers in my eyes. I feel for Bruce and Natasha and wan them to be happy. I understand Tony’s fear and mistrust. The deepness is… deep! But that is not even close to all this movie brings to the table! The fight scenes are bad-ass, the Hulk buster scene is one of my favorite in the whole movie, and the comedy is spot on! I don’t know how many movies these stars have left in them, but I will be so sad to see them go.