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The Disaster Artist movie review


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The Disaster Artist trailer review


The Room is a special kind of perfect storm of stupid. Tommy Wiseau’s acting, the writing, the nonsense, everything ABOUT The Room made it possibly the worst movie ever made that is just so fun to watch… Who better to make a movie about the creation of such a shitstorm than these guys? Whenever Seth Rogan and James Franco take the wheel I know I’m in for a treat of comedy, and as is their style they bring their friends! Dave Franco, Alison Brie, Zac Efron, Kate Upton, Kristen Bell, Adam Scott, Bryan Cranston… These are just a FEW of the names to appear in this movie. I honestly don’t know how this could fail with the power they are bringing to the table on such an obvious home run of a movie idea. I look forward to seeing it play out.

Why Him? movie review


The most unlikely comedy duo that I thought I would never seen is James Franco and Bryan Cranston… Lo and behold, we got it! Why Him? follows Ned Fleming (Cranston) and his family when they go to visit his eldest daughter away at college (Zoey Deutch) for the holidays. However, things don’t go as planned when they stay with her eccentric millionaire boyfriend (Franco). Surprisingly this movie was not very well received by critics, saying that the jokes didn’t hit and it seemed rather phoned in. However, I  disagree completely! I am a sucker for Franco, Cranston, and comedy’s in general so this is like a wet dream of movies to me! The screen time that these two spent together was always top notch and although it is an age old premise, the modern day spin on it of him making video games and being loaded is great. This movie also has three performances that I feel NEED to be mentioned! Megan Mullally, who plays Ned’s wife was a funny touch to this and fits in well. Keegan Michael Key played James Franco’s estate manager thing and killed it, just like everything he is in. Best of all though is Kaley Cuoco playing the AI Justine! It’s weird but weirdly works… So, fuck what most people say, I LOVED this movie!

Sausage Party movie review


Holy shit, this is an all-star cast! When I saw This is the End ALL I wanted was for these comedians to come together again and make a monster of a movie… They did just that but not in the way any of us were expecting! I’m a huge Seth Rogen fan, so, I follow all of his work closely. About a year ago I saw on IMDb that he was working on a big movie and I got STOKED. When the first trailer for this dropped and I saw what it was, I was blown away and laughed my ass off. I was SURE there was no way it could live up to that trailer. Well, it exceeded my expectations… Sausage Party is a animated movie (that I beg you do not take your kids too) that is the brainchild of Seth Rogen and features more amazing actors than I care to list. It follows Frank, a hot dog in a grocery store, and his endevour to get taken home with someone and “go inside” a bun. A bunch of shit goes awry when he gets picked to go home and he sets out on a mission to find out what REALLY happens when the humans take you away (spoiler: they get eaten). It sounds weird to say about a movie like this, but, this movie is truly genius. The amount of subtle references and jokes, along with the huge amount of food puns is awesome. The voice acting is spectacular, with not a single person phoning it in! And, best of all, because the people that made this are who they are there was no holding back in this movie. At one point a douche actually jumped up into and mans ass and controlled him that way making him murder everyone! If you are a fan of movies such as This is the End, Pineapple Express, and Knocked Up, this is the comedy for you!

SPOILER: I never knew I needed a food orgy scene until I had one.


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Goat trailer review


What started out as a fun trailer with drinking, smoking and college parties turned into something that was far from fun but so much more intriguing. I’ve seen the party movie a thousand times in the exact same way, I have never seen a movie like this and never thought anyone would make a movie about the hell that is pledging… This clearly isn’t a big production, large cost movie; and I was very nervous when I saw Nick Jonas, but, from what we see so far I think they did everything they could with what they had. This won’t be an easy movie to watch, but I think it will be powerful and worth it.

P.S. James Franco won’t be in this thing for more than 5 minutes. Guarantee.


11.22.63 TV show review


I’ve heard from so many people that James Franco phones this performance in and I didn’t get that vibe AT ALL. 11.22.63 is an adaptation of the Stephen King book. It follows Jake Epping who goes back to the year 1960 to prevent the assassination of JFK. He befriends a man named Bill, a back country boy who wants to help, and romances a girl named Sadie. The premise of this show is brilliant and I love how they handle the time travel. Epping has one shot in the past or he has to do it all over again. The past pushes back and tries to prevent you from changing it… It is truly brilliant. Daniel Webber, whom I have never heard of before, is a great choice for Lee Harvey Oswald. Webber plays a man on the edge very well… This show stays very true to history, while also toying with the idea of a conspiracy. A theory I have is that Epping went back in history and stayed there, and he was the cause of the JFK assassination AND the second shooter! Lately I have been watching so many shows, but this one kept me hooked on it… I can’t wait for the last episode tomorrow!

Sausage Party trailer review


You know a trailer is good when a COMEDY trailer gives you fucking goosebumps. This lineup is just ridiculous! Rogan and Franco called every friend they have ever made to do this movie. AND it reminds us of the past works these comedy gods have made. I know I’m overselling this shit like crazy, but I love everyone in this movie and all their past movies!.. Anyway, Sausage Party is the first ever R-rated animated movie. The movie follows a group of food-friends as they discover what going home from the grocery store ACTUALLY means… Getting eaten! They then go on a quest to warn all the other food… The tone of this trailer is god damn spectacular. Happy and cheery at the beginning, making you think its a kids movie. Then all of a sudden the massacre starts and Snoop Dogg kicks on! I gotta say the music and editing for this was great, even just when they were popping up all the names at the end it caught my attention… The best scene of this however has to be the ‘Saving Private Ryan’ reference it what I assume is a freezer. That shit got me!.. I think it’s clear I’m not gonna miss this, and you shouldn’t either.

This is the End movie review


This is the End is a kick-ass, god damn hilarious comedy that stars some of the funniest people in the world plus every other person you have ever heard of. When Jay Baruchel visits Seth Rogan in LA they go to James Franco’s party at his fancy new house where tons of other famous people are. Half way through the party shit goes down and the apocalypse happens… Now, Jay Baruchel, Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson have to survive the apocalypse together! Now, when I say a ton of other people at that party I mean ALL people you know. Micheal Cera is snorting coke, Jason Segel is talking about how he hates Marshall Eriksen to Kevin Hart, Rihanna is singing, Aziz Ansari gets kicked in a hole, Paul Rudd shows up. Hell, later in the movie Emma Watson steals everyone’s shit with an axe and Channing Tatum is a sex slave! I laugh like crazy when I watch this movie, start to finish. One reason I think this movie is so enjoyable is because these actors had such an amazing time making it! Whenever I want a good laugh, even after seeing it so many times, this is my go to movie.

The Interview movie review


The Interview is about two people that go to North Korea to interview President Kim, and are tasked by the CIA to kill him. The interview stars Seth Rogen and James Franco in another one of their fun comedies. These two can do serious movies, and are phenomenal actors when they want to be. But having the strange bromance that they do, every now and then you get another comedy by them, and its always hilarious! The first thing I want to say is that The Interview has one of the funniest opening scenes I have ever seen, with a great cameo by Eminem! I have no idea how much money they threw at this movie but it is clearly big budget, which is a shame considering it made virtually nothing because of it being pulled from theaters. Though it is marketed at a very specific demographic, with random boobs, drugs, rave music, and stupid comedy, I happen to be that demographic! So I thought it was hilarious. Then again, it has all of those things, so you have to be that demographic to enjoy it. The Interview is not a very deep movie, so there is very little I can say about it, just know if you are a fan of other movies by these friends, you will like this as well.