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Passengers movie review

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Passengers is a a movie a lot of people have a HUGE issue with, and I can understand why. Despite the problems though I actually found it quite enjoyable. How enjoyable? Well, according to my updated top 10 list it is now my third favorite movie! Passengers follows Jim Preston and Aurora Lane (I enjoy the fact that she is a journalist and writer with the same last name as Lois Lane) played by Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. These two people are among thousands that are aboard a space ship heading to a distant world to build a new life. All is well until their hibernation pods get woken up ninety years too early and the movie turns in to a Cast Away in space that evolves into a love story that THEN evolves into and awesome sci-fi thriller! Now, the big problem everyone has with it is that [SLIGHT SPOILER] after a year aboard the ship Jim has gone insane despite all his best efforts and wakes up Aurora as well, effectively damning her to a life alone with him aboard the ship and stripping the life she wanted away from her… Yes, I realize that is a terrible and unforgivable act, that is why I said i understood the hate! However as the quote goes, “A drowning man will always try to drag someone down with him. It ain’t right, but the man’s drowning.”… I enjoyed this movies immensely. I thought the story was great and original- though it basically being a Cast Away in space it is fun to see all the ways that Jim embraces his bad situation. The acting of the two leads was amazing and knowing how hard it was for them to be “romantic” towards each other because of their close friendship in the real world their chemistry on screen was superb. On top of all that, the rewatchability of this movie is very high. You have lots of fun and laughs, spiced up with moments of action and character arc that round out to a great sci-fi in my personal opinion. Get past your animosity for this film and just enjoy it.

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A Beautiful Planet trailer review


So this is a little bit different of a trailer for me to review, but it was so absolutely beautiful that I had to. A Beautiful Planet is a documentary that shows us earth from outer space, and get this, it is narrated by Jennifer Lawrence. What can’t this girl do? So I know nothing of this documentary yet as all I have done is watch the trailer. But, the trailer is absolutely beautiful. It is incredibly simple. Jennifer Lawrence introduces us to the idea of the documentary, then some powerful music kicks on and we see gorgeous shots of earth and astronauts. Sweet, simple, and beautiful.

Jennifer Lawrence actor review


Jennifer Lawrence is almost everyone’s crush or favorite actress. For me she is both! Lawrence got her start on The Bill Engvall Show but received household recognition for her roles in The Hunger Games and X-Men series. At this point in her career that is her main body of work, but, she has also branched out into Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle (most notably) to show her range. Though Jennifer Lawrence’s acting ability is nothing short of amazing, it is her personality and how she presents herself that makes her so likable and sought after. Down to earth and not afraid to be human or goody in front of the cameras or in interviews is why so many people relate to her. Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favorite actors and my favorite female actress. I look forward to seeing her expand as an actress and can’t wait to see what she does next!

Silver Linings Playbook movie review


Based off the book of the same name, Silver Linings Playbook is my all time favorite movie, and one of the few movies that has ever hit me on a deep and emotional level. Silver Linings stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, both agreed to do this for very little money because they loved it so much! Silver linings follows Pat (Bradley Cooper), and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence). Both have multiple severe mental illnesses, and are at a constant struggle every single day. Pat, after having a break down from his wife cheating on him, went to a psych ward. The movie starts as soon as he is released, having a new outlook on life and a Two goals; To get his wife back, and find a silver lining to everything. That’s where Tiffany comes in! Tiffany recently lost her husband in a car accident that she blames her self for, and than lost her job for “sleeping with everyone in the office”. Tiffany agrees to send letters from Pat to his Ex, if he helps her win a dance competition. To me, this movie is simply brilliant. It takes mental illnesses and people who have suffered tragedies, turning it into a very real and beautiful love story with characters most films are afraid to use. I understand there are a few scenes that make people uncomfortable, but those are all very real and because of that, uncomfortable. Silver linings also features big names, that really add to the movie, including Robert De Niro and Chris Tucker. De Niro takes a role you wouldn’t expect him to ever play and nails it, escalating the movie even more. Tucker has a small role, but brings life to the few scenes he is in. In the end Silver Linings, though unconventional and difficult to watch at times, is a very real and beautiful movie. I highly recommend it.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt 1 movie review


Mockingjay part 1 is the third movie in the four movie series of The Hunger Games. It follows Katniss Everdeen after her 2nd hunger games, taking on her role as the mockingjay, leader of the rebellion. Now I’ll admit this, I loved the Hunger Games books. I loved the first movie and the second even more, I’m also totally a sucker for Jennifer Lawrence. Not only that, but the dystopian fad is one of my favorites, hell, I wrote one! What I don’t seem to understand is why whoever is making these things feels the need to make the final book into two parts! Every time I have seen a a “part one” it has been boring. Why has it been boring you ask? Because you can’t take ONLY a first act and expect it to make an enjoyable full length movie! I will rant for a moment, then I will tell you the good parts, because there were a few. So in a movie about a girl who is amazing with a bow, she knocks 4 arrows, fires 3, 2 were at a target, and 1 was at a jet. No, that is not a spoiler because they show almost all the good parts in the trailer, including that. In what had the potential to be the best scene in the entire movie,when we were all on the edges of our seats, they show us a conversation instead. There was so much filler time in this movie that if you took it out, it would be as long as an episode on TV. Now, the good in the movie. The acting was top notch, especially form Woody. Everyone seemed to give it their all. The portrayal of Katniss, though at times annoying, represented her not as a sex symbol but as an actual leader and normal person. What few action sequences there were, I definitely enjoyed. And even though it could have been done in 30-40 minutes, it is a great set up for the finale. Lets just hope SOMETHING happens in that movie.

The Silver Linings Playbook book review


I probably will not being doing a review of the movie adaptation, seeing as it is my favorite movie, but because of this I HAD to read the book. I saw Silver Linings playbook when it first came out and it has been my favorite movie ever since, I then found out it was a book and it has taken me forever to find it. I recently got my hands on it at a library and I could not put this book down. I am well sleep deprived writing this review because of this book! The Silver Linings Playbook is about Pat Peoples and his struggle with coping with reality after being in a mental institution after something happened with his wife. He then befriends Tiffany, a woman who lost her husband and is also a little bit screwed up in her head because of it. You find out early on that Pat is a very unreliable narrator. I absolutely love the way he tells the story, it’s like peaking inside someones head that is crazy, it’s almost child like. Tiffany, though I wish was more vocal and fleshed out, is great too. I understand why she was made to be quite and less dialogue based but I still wish I could see more of her. For me though my favorite characters were his brother Jake, and his therapist Cliff. Now I don’t want to delve too deep into this novel, because there is so much you can spoil having an unreliable narrator. All I will say is that this is not a romance novel, at least not your normal romance novel. It is about Pat getting over his mental illness, and his journey. Also I notice a lot of people complaining there is a lot more football in this than the movie, ya its called The Silver Linings PLAYBOOK. I would recommend this book to nearly anyone, it is not your average read and you are in for a roller coaster. I loved it.