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John Green books: Best-Still good


(I would just like to say that ALL of his books are fantastic and he has been my biggest inspirations as a writer)

Looking for Alaska book review


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Paper Towns movie review


I can’t tell you just how disappointed and pissed off I am after watching this. I am a huge fan of John Green and The Fault in our Stars was a spectacular adaptation. This however was borderline garbage. The characters were accurate, the tone was accurate, and the story line was accurate. I’m not saying that it wasn’t an ACCURATE adaptation but there are some things that need a bit of a rewrite when they are put to the screen. Almost every line in this was cringe-worthy or unnatural. “I’m a paper girl in a paper town.” NO ONE TALKS LIKE THAT. In the book it was okay because John Green is a phenomenal writer and can do that… On top of the writing one of the main characters, Margo, is literally one of the worst characters out there. The whole premise is that Margo is a “free spirit” (in reality she just pines for attention) who runs away after a spectacular night with Quentin (not like that, perverts) and he follows a string of clues to find her. As the movie progresses you find out more and more that she is not a good person nor friend. Also, Quentin is really fucking desperate! No one saw her surfing on the west coast. The only believable thing someone saw her do is panhandle outside a Starbucks!.. It pains me to write this. I wanted to like this so much, and they had everything working in their favor. They messed up BAD.


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AFC Wimbly Womblys YouTube review


Okay so I am completely biased because I am a huge John Green fan, and a 8-year strong nerdfighter. BUT, I love this YouTube series! The AFC Wimbley Womblys are a FIFA football (soccer) team based off of the real like AFC Wimbeldon team. The entire series is John Green playing FIFA games and talking about life, and everything in it you can think of. But, beyond that he has absorbed himself and the viewers alike in this game over the years. Naming the players and giving them elaborate backstories, and advancing the team up leagues quickly! I watch this more than I watch real sports because the narration by John Green coupled with the excitement he gives off is  contagious… Go watch it now! All proceeds go to help the real life AFC Wimbeldon.


The Fault in our Stars book review


The Fault in our Stars is my all time favorite book. I have read it multiple times over, and it still hits me every time. TFioS is written by John Green and follows the love story of Hazel and Gus. Unlike most YA romance novels though, Hazel has terminal caner and Gus is a survivor. This book breaks so many rules of a YA romance. While Looking for Alaska had a blowjob scene, this one has multiple tragedies. Though this book is sad, it will also make you laugh. In the same scene I will be on the verge of tears, then burst out laughing… John Green moved to Amsterdam for two months to properly write a chapter of this book set in Amsterdam. That love and dedication to his work is reflected so much through this book. It’s a must read.

Looking for Alaska book review


So it was announced that Looking for Alaska is being made into a movie, which is some of the most exciting news I have gotten in a very long time! Looking for Alaska follows Pudge, a high school student  who goes to a boarding school in search of his great perhaps. Alongside Pudge is his roommate, The Colonel, and a mysterious girl named Alaska. LFA was John Greens debut novel. Greens writing style has not changed much over the years, even in his first novel 10 years ago you equal parts cried and laughed (though I won’t tell you why). One thing that has stuck with him over the years as well, and is very obvious in this, and is possibly his only downfall. John Green tends to write unbelievable main characters. In most, if not every one of his novels the teenagers often don’t talk like teenagers, talking as if they are reading from an expertly crafted script. In my opinion at least, that is his ONLY downfall. The most amazing part about LFA is the teenagers though, they truly behave like teenagers. They smoke, drink, break rules, want to fit in, have meaningless drama, pull pranks, and most of the time their biggest problem is school (a kick-ass school in this I may add). The dialogue is amazing, the story is heart wrenching, and you fall in love with every character. I could honestly go on and on about the beautiful description of the school and the depth of every last character… but just read it.

The Fault In Our Stars movie review


In celebration of John Greens book Paper Towns being made into a movie, I am going to review The Fault In Our stars. The Fault In Our Stars is my all time favorite book, but I don’t review favorites. TFIOS follows Hazel and Gus, 2 teens that fall in love. Sounds pretty normal, Except for the fact that Hazel has terminal cancer, and Gus is an amputee from cancer himself. TFIOS follows them as they pursue together to meet one of their favorite authors, Van Houten, in Amsterdam. Being that TFIOS is my favorite book I have read it probably a dozen times, and I can confidently and happily say that this is one of the best, if not the best movie adaptations of a book ever made. The characters are wonderful, if at some points a little unbelievable for teenagers. The settings are beautiful, and this movie is deeper than most made for adults. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will run to the library and pick up the rest of John Greens books, hoping like the rest of us they’re all movies one day.

John Wick movie review


John Wick is a shoot-em-up action movie about a widowed hit man seeking revenge, starring the ageless man himself, Keanu Reeves. I have no idea why I love Keanu Reeves so much, he is basically emotionless but I love him! Now, it’s going to seem like I am spoiling but I am not, this all happens in the first five minutes AND is in the trailer… John Wick is a retired hit man, and one of the best. After his wife died someone broke into his house and stole his car and killed his dog. He then vows to kill them all and their family, and all the henchman. Moral of the story, don’t kill Keanu’s dog! I had a blast with this movie! One of my favorite parts is how it is realistic with the action. Unlike some movies, like Wanted, which are good in their own way, this is realistic! He shoots everybody at least twice, he has to reload, he runs out of ammo, he is clearly better with a pistol than hand to hand combat. The great part about realistic action movies, and this one in particular, is you actually fear for the main characters life. It is one of the few times in recent years I found myself thinking throughout the whole movie, “Shit, he may not win this one.” I only have one problem, and that is the editing. The editing of the movie feels weird to me, almost like they had to cut out half an hour in one minute increments throughout, especially in the beginning. Other than that, it’s a great action movie.