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A Quiet Place movie review


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The Office TV show review


The Office reigns supreme as ruler of all the workplace comedies out there. Following the lives of the employees of the paper company Dunder Mifflin in a mockumentary form, The Office always has its great and memorable moments. The Office is awesome in my opinion because it embraces the supreme boringness of what these people do… Sell paper. That is not fun or interesting in ANY way. I wouldn’t even do that shit in real life! BUT, that is where the brilliant comedy comes in. Take Jim (the best character, obviously) for example. Jim hates his job, and is always bored. What does Jim do? Jim pranks Dwight, plans how to prank Dwight, hits on Pam, and plans how to hit on Pam. Micheal occupies himself by being an incredibly annoying ass that almost ruins the first couple seasons for me! And Dwight runs a beat farm and B&B from work… But he likes his job way too much anyway… A few more good things before I get to the bad. The supporting cast is good and has as good of arcs and progression as the main cast. Jim and Pam are amazing and my third favorite TV couple ever (see My top 10 TV couples). Also, It inspired Parks and Rec! Now, the bad. Though I had a time when I was obsessed with The Office, and the first half of the series is  pure gold, everything has a bad side. For this it is nearly all of the second half of the series. Characters come on that don’t totally fit. Character arcs get weird, unbelievable, and cartoonish. Writing gets lazy. And overall, it doesn’t feel like the same show anymore. Which, if done right can be a great thing, this was done wrong towards the end. I still got laughs, and the last few episodes wrapped everything up well, but I still went back to watch classic Dwight vs Jim/Jim and Pam fun!

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi movie review


As weird as it feels to say, Micheal Bay was perfect for this movie and did an amazing job. 13 hours follows a group of, basically, mercenaries who struggle to protect an embassy from an endless wave of bad guys. I know bad guys sounds weird, but I shit you not they never once actually say “Isis”, they just say bad guys the whole movie. John Krasinski carried this movie very well. I realized how much his career is mimicking Chris Pratts. Both got their recognition as the funny guy in mockumentaries set in offices, and both now play action heroes. Anyway, though, Krasinski was an excellent leading man for this. This movie had 5 other very important men as well, but, though their acting was good it was not nearly as good. Almost stoneish is how I would describe it.. Enough about the actors though. What really got me about this movie was that it didn’t pull a single god damn punch. War movies have a tendency to sugar coat fire fights, minimize casualties, and be spars on the blood. Not this one, not one fucking bit. Peoples heads are blown off, run over by tanks, and one of the main characters arms is blown to bits… It’s crazy. The reason I said that Micheal Bay is perfect for this was he does over the top action, explosions, and slow motion really well. Those three things are EXACTLY what this movie needed. There were 2 absolutely amazing shots during a mortar sequence that blew my mind; you will know them when you see them… Tensions build up is crazy in this movie too… All in all it is one of the better war movies out there. Very true to war. Very true to the soldiers.

13 Hours trailer review


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, I’m very excited to see a Micheal Bay movie… 13 Hours is the true story of six men’s attempt to save an American Ambassador during the chaos in Libya. I love me a good war movie. BUT, I am also very picky about my war movies. This one seems to nail it… Plenty of action, believable, heart, people we know, situations we are familiar with, this has it all. What I am actually most excited about it the leading role of John Krasinski. I’ve been a fan of his since The Office, and was very bummed out when Aloha crashed and burned along with his role. Hopefully this will be the role he needs right now. Hopefully Micheal Bay will pull one out of his ass.

Aloha movie review


I have referenced in the past how much I dislike this movie, and how bad it is, well now you get the review for it! I should say though that it is not TERRIBLE, it is actually just not a good movie. What makes this so bad though is how much it had going for it! This movie has a stacked cast, an amazing location, good plot, proven writer/director, and one of my favorite trailers ever! This movie is so bad cause we all had our hopes up so high, to be dashed away by a movie that was used by the director to have a vacation in Hawaii! Some of the best actors I have ever seen are in this, giving B-rated, cringe worthy performances that they don’t give a shit about! The directing is sloppy and comical at times. Not a single damn thing Emma Stone says is believable, and she is just awkward! Also, she is NOT Hawaiian OR Asian (And what the hell kind of name is Ng?). The tiny twist-thing at the end with the kid is pointless. AND, there is ZERO chemistry between Emma and Bradley. On the upside though… I like John Krasinski… I realize this is more a rant than a review, but this movie just pissed me off.

Aloha trailer review


Aloha is about a military contracting officer, who is a workaholic but screws up a mission. He then gets sent back to Hawaii where he tries to reconnect with his last love but ends up falling for his bubbly liaison. When the trailer started I thought it was going to be a war movie, then I thought comedy, then I figured out it was romance. And you know what? That’s not a bad thing! Romance isn’t evil, just cause we have had some real shit piles doesn’t mean they can’t be good. And with this cast we have a chance for it to be great. I love the choices too. Bradley Cooper because he has done war, comedy, serious, romance. Why not all together? Emma stone…. because Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t available. No, well yes, but I mean i like her. I’m very happy she is in it. I’m really happy to see John Krasinski! I’ve missed Jim… If you read my Monuments Men review you will know I believe Bill Murray has the power to make any terrible movie watchable. Alec Baldwin is hilarious. Rachel McAdams is good, her and Cooper have good chemistry. And hopefully because of all this Danny McBride won’t bog it down too much. Aloha looks like your typical love story. Emotionally unstable guy peruses girl. Girl doesn’t want him. Girl that’s his friend peruses him, he resists. They eventually fall in love. I honestly don’t Care! I’d watch anything with these people, and it actually looks good! That scene with silent John Krasinski and Bradley Cooper knows what he is saying! That’s hilarious, and I’m very much looking forward to this movie.