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The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story TV show review


Man, Cuba Gooding Jr. has come a long way since snow dogs, and if that makes you nervous, don’t be! American Crime Stories is a series that follows histories most famous crimes. Their first season was kicked off with the OJ trial. Or, as many people know it, the trial of the century… If you are a fan of biopics as much as I am you will instantly fall in love with this show. The acting is superb, stretching the limits of everyone involved in it. Gooding Jr. of course plays OJ Simpson. I was skeptical, not able to see him as a linebacker. However, if I try to picture OJ in my mind now I see Gooding Jr. David Schwimmer, who I am a fan of from friends, but, have never seen him in anything else, killed it! He had few lines, and what he did were not happy, but, I didn’t know he had drama ability like this in him. John Travolta also played cutthroat lawyer Robert Shapiro, which perfectly played into all of his strengths as an actor. I could go all day listing the amazing acting quality of every role in here, but, those are the big names and stand outs. Now, the verdict was close to a year before I was born, so, I don’t have any memory to go off for realism. I have talked to many people though and done much research, all which points to the absolute realism in the show, along with its rarity in it taking liberties at all with the story. The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story starts way at the beginning, opening up in a visually and audibly stunning way that made me believe I was watching a movie (that feeling never goes away). It begins when the police find the bodies of Nichole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman on June 12th 1994. From there it gives you every crumb of detail you could possibly want. Not only following Oj and his lawyers, as well as the District Attorneys, but, also the jury. The season, despite being short, spans sixteen months… Now, be warned, although you know it is not a happy ending, it still somehow comes as a surprise and if it hit me, it will hit you.

Life on the Line trailer review


I was going to review the Power Rangers trailer until I saw this hilarious piece of trash and I HAD to talk about it. A movie about being a lineman and the tough job and lifestyle they have and how dangerous it is. Want to know how to make it less dangerous? Stop walking on pylons during storms. Learn how to cut down poles. Turn off electricity before you start working. Those are a few options! My favorite part of this trailer is how they make linemen seem like the true heroes none of us know about. Like, how they have to get the power turned off so firefighters can do their job. Conclusion: Linemen are more important and more brave than firefighters, OR, how a girl is with a guy and says he is a lineman like its some huge thing, like it is a good enough reason to be with him. Conclusion: Being a lineman is so hot right now. What is with Travolta’s accent anyway? Its truly awful… Next from Travolta “Waste of Time”, he is a garbage man that needs to clear the roads of cans so the police officers can get through. “Same Shingle, Different Day”, now he is a roofer that needs to stop the leak in the hospital so the doctors can work without the worry of getting dripped on! We are officially out of original ideas if this is the shit we get now.