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The Incredibles 2 trailer review


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The Secret Life of Pets movie review

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Though this movie is undoubtedly compared to Zootopia, being that they released around the same time and both feature talking animals, this movie stands on its own rather well. The Secret Life of Pets follows a group of domesticated pets after they get lost out in New York City and get hunted by “wild” animals. Not every joke hits in this for me, but, the ones that do hit well. As for all animated movies nowadays it has just as many jokes aimed towards adults as children. The jokes aimed towards adults usually joke about what actually goes on in an animals head when they are doing normal things. Things such as playing with toys, red dots, waiting for you to come home, or barking non stop, etc. Things like that have been joked about for a long time and its cool to see them in an actual movie. The voice acting is great too. It has to be good when the most foul mouthed comedian out there (Louis C.K.) is the lead voice actor in a kids movie! Eric Stonestreet, most commonly known for his role in Modern Family, voices the second lead and does an equally amazing job given the fact that I didn’t even recognize it was him. Kevin Hart voices the little bunny, Snowball, who is the villain, and sadly I didn’t find him near as good as he could be. This is a fun movie for kids and adults alike to enjoy, but, with as many amazing kids movies that are out there these days I wouldn’t watch it twice.

Zootopia movie review


I’m in my twenties and at this point I don’t think I will ever stop loving kid’s movies. GOOD kids movies at least, and sometimes those are hard to come by! Luckily Zootopia does not disappoint when it comes to that. Not only is this movie hilarious for both parents (or 20 year olds without kids) and kids, it has a lot of jokes only adults would understand and a really good message about racism for kids. The setting of Zootopia is straight forward, but more awesome and immersive the more you get into it. Thousands of years have passed and apparently humans have died or were never there, I’m not quite sure. But, now the animals are evolved and living in harmony. They have jobs that pertain to who they are and they live in different climates. Like I said, it is meticulously thought out and spectacular… We follow our main character Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin). Hopps is a bunny that has always had a dream of being a cop even though there has never been a bunny cop. One day she achieves her dream and moves to Zootopia where she runs in to the hustling fox, Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman). Together they have 48 hours to crack the case of why predators (that’s where the racism metaphor comes in) are turning savage and attacking everyone… I’ve seen a lot of kids movies, a lot. But, this is one of the best children’s films I have ever seen. I watched it two times in a row, and will probably buy it and watch it without a kid around. I laughed over and over again, I loved the world they built for me and sucked me into, and the voice acting was top notch and perfectly cast. I don’t give stars, but if I did I’d give this one five.


Inside Out movie review


I am not one to get emotional at movies, ever, but this brought tears to my eyes multiple times. Inside Out follows an 11 year old girl Riley, as she moves across country and the problems that stem from that. More accurately, this follows the inside of Riley’s head. Inside out features the emotions of Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness, and Disgust, all of which are BRILLIANTLY voice acted with Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Louis Black, Phyllis Smith, and Mindy Kaling respectively. I am SO happy this movie came out now rather than when I was a child. Being an adult you watch this movie in an entirely different light than a child would. You understand the concepts of depression, the jokes about train of thought, the “fading” memories, the song that gets stuck in your head, the putting down of the foot, your personality traits, and so many more! While I am on the subject, Inside out has one of the most amazing metaphors for depression I have ever seen. I feel as if I have not said enough, but this is usually the part where I say something bad. I have nothing bad to say! This is a beautiful, sad, heart-warming, brilliant movie. It perfectly explains everything in your head, and is hilarious along the way. It is a must-see.