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Overwatch League


Overwatch League (or OWL) opening day is today! For those of you that are unfamiliar with Overwatch, go put in 100+ hours of gameplay and come back. For those of you unfamiliar with the new OWL, than time to get familiar because it looks absolutely amazing. OWL is the newest of any tournament in eSports and looks to revolutionize everything we know about eSports. OWL follows a traditional model for sports with set teams, and a long season with games being played over a many months span. Players are brought on to teams and payed a yearly salary. For many people, along with myself, this is all extremely exciting for many reasons. Never before has there been the ability to follow a team and watch the game as if one would with the Lions in the NFL. Now, we have that opportunity and if all goes well maybe many others will follow in Blizzards example.

The preseason aired in December and was amazing to watch. Admittedly I’ve never really watched professional Overwatch. After the fall of Starcraft 2 I never quite got the same enjoyment out of eSports tournaments again… However, this is on a whole new level. Everything is professionally and beautifully done with great casters and hosts. Every team feels just like that. A TEAM. It’s hard not to pick one right from the start. If you’d like to re-watch some of the matches than you can check them out here. I personally am rooting for Boston Uprising run by man Chris “HuK” Loranger.

overwatch league teams.pngThere are twelve teams from all over the world (mainly from the USA) competing. In order on the picture is…

  • Florida Mayhem
  • London Spitfire
  • Los Angeles Gladiators
  • Los Angeles Valient
  • New York Exclsior
  • Philadelphia Fusion
  • San Francisco Shock
  • Seoul Dynasty
  • Shanghai Dragons
  • Houston Outlaws
  • Dallas Fuel
  • Boston Uprising

Favored to win the inaugural season of OWL is Seoul Dynasty with London Spitfire and Dallas Fuel considered large contenders. Florida Mayhem and, surprisingly, the Shanghai Dragons sit at the bottom of the list. Just like anything else though, it is anyone’s game! So, pick your favorite, paint your face, throw a viewing party, and tune in with me tonight at 7pm EST!

The League TV show review


The League is a TV show about 6 long time friends that are obsessed with their small 8 man football team. The league is a great show to watch from the start. Every season starts with the drafting of the football teams, then hijinks ensue. Something I really like is that these characters have tons of inside jokes that you wouldn’t get if you didn’t watch everything, its a nice little laugh that makes you feel part of the group. Although this is just your standard sitcom about friends what it brings to the table is the friends themselves. There is absolutely no reason any of these people should be friends. The only two people I understand is Pete and Kevin. But, the show addresses this. They are fully aware that these people are only friends because no one else would be friends with them! Yet it works, and I love it. The best character by far is Taco, played by Jon Lajoie. For those of you that do not know Jon is a comedic music artist that smokes a lot of weed and is famous on Youtube. Besides being famous on Youtube, Taco is basically the same person. Though there was a few points where I started to get uninterested, the show addresses this and picks it back up. I will definitely continue with the series