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My new book, Death Do Us Part, is available NOW!

My third and newest novel, Death Do Us Part, is now available on Amazon in both paperback ($9.99) and eBook ($3.99)!

Not all love stories are happy. Not all tragedies are sad. Not everyone is exactly how they seem, and not every story goes exactly how you would think.

For Mark, life was easy, and he was content… He had no way of knowing he was truly empty inside until he stumbled upon something that made him feel more alive than ever before. Once he felt that way, he could never go back.

A modern tale of love, sex, murder, and everything in between.


Top 10 Best Netflix Original Series


Love TV show review


I have lots of mixed feelings towards this show after only the first season. 5 hours of content and I already have a love/hate relationship with this shit… Love is a new Netflix show that is very clearly the brain child of Judd Apatow. I have to say that I am STOKED that they finally game Apatow a show again. He will do amazing things with this but I can’t promise I won’t hate him afterwords. Love is a love story… Kind of. Love is a love story if you like stories that are uber realistic and make you question happiness and the moral standing of people themselves… Let me start over…. Love stars Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs. They are polar opposites, and by polar I mean glacial-fucking-ice. He is a geeky, overly nice, socially awkward guy. She is a Heavily addicted to everything, mean girl. They kind of remind me of extreme versions of Nick and Norah from the movie about their playlist. The awesome part about this show is that those traits don’t define those characters. The characters in this show are deep, and have great stories, and are awesome as individuals. Not JUST the main characters though, but the side characters are people you latch on to and relate to. This is also an extreme binge watchable show. Being made by Apatow, it is basically a 6 hour long movie with most last scenes being the first scene of the next episode. I’m not complaining, I love it… To wrap up though I want to go back to my love/hate relationship with this show. This show thrives on being realistic and real, but towards the end the reality of that is very sad. Not only that but the acting and character building is so good in this show that you live vicariously through these characters and feel everything they do. Most of what they feel is sadness towards the end. It’s really an emotional ride. Speaking of the end, be prepared to scream at your screen by the end… So, if you think you can handle all that, definitely watch this.

Aloha trailer review


Aloha is about a military contracting officer, who is a workaholic but screws up a mission. He then gets sent back to Hawaii where he tries to reconnect with his last love but ends up falling for his bubbly liaison. When the trailer started I thought it was going to be a war movie, then I thought comedy, then I figured out it was romance. And you know what? That’s not a bad thing! Romance isn’t evil, just cause we have had some real shit piles doesn’t mean they can’t be good. And with this cast we have a chance for it to be great. I love the choices too. Bradley Cooper because he has done war, comedy, serious, romance. Why not all together? Emma stone…. because Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t available. No, well yes, but I mean i like her. I’m very happy she is in it. I’m really happy to see John Krasinski! I’ve missed Jim… If you read my Monuments Men review you will know I believe Bill Murray has the power to make any terrible movie watchable. Alec Baldwin is hilarious. Rachel McAdams is good, her and Cooper have good chemistry. And hopefully because of all this Danny McBride won’t bog it down too much. Aloha looks like your typical love story. Emotionally unstable guy peruses girl. Girl doesn’t want him. Girl that’s his friend peruses him, he resists. They eventually fall in love. I honestly don’t Care! I’d watch anything with these people, and it actually looks good! That scene with silent John Krasinski and Bradley Cooper knows what he is saying! That’s hilarious, and I’m very much looking forward to this movie.

Love and Other Drugs movie review


I got really excited when I found out this was a true story, because I love a good true story. Finding out that the only true part was his sales life was a little disappointing, but oh well! Love and Other Drugs is about a emotionally unavailable playboy drug rep, and an emotionally unavailable artist with Parkinson’s that fall in love even though they REALLY don’t want to. Sounds good right? Right! The thing I love most about this movie is that the characters never really change. They are these people from the start, they just find someone that loves them anyway. Jake Gyllenhaal projects so much confidence in this that it makes you confident to sell drugs and sleep around too(in the legal way)! Anne Hathaway just has layers and layers in this movie that you keep uncovering(not just the clothing). Even the dude that voices Olaf in this is great! The only bad thing i can find is that even though everything is necessary, it still feels twenty minutes too long. Great watch, just be emotionally ready.