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My top 5 MCU movies


Avengers: Infinity War movie review


Well here it is. The big one. Everything that a decade of Marvel and eighteen movies have led up to. No ones expectations could be higher, it had so much to live up to… And you know what? It NAILED it. Avengers: Infinity war is what everything was always leading up to. The Avenger are all assembled, with a massive number of them now, all to fight Thanos as he is nearing completion in uniting all of the Infinity stones and wiping out half of the universe. This is probably one of the most exciting movies I have ever seen for many reasons, probably the biggest though being that I got to see crossovers from heroes I only dreamed of seeing together! What is really cool is that no one seems to be left behind. Certain characters may only be in here for what feels like minutes but it always feels like they contributed exactly what they needed to. Because of that though it is also a stupidly long movie. Don’t misunderstand me, that is certainly not a complaint, I could have happily sat through it if it was triple the length… Much like every Marvel movie the comedy is prevalent and there without ever really taking away from the tone of the movie, which is ever-changing. As you switch between heroes you follow the tone and feel of the movie changes on a dime. When we go to the Guardians you get some cool 80’s jam and humor, then it switches to Wakanda and we get the tribal music everyone associates with Black Panther. However, the comedy isn’t there as much as other Marvel movies and you have to go into this realizing it isn’t going to pull punches like other Marvel movies either. Right from the opening scene it proves that there are going to be much darker takes in here than anywhere else and it keeps proving that right up until the bitter end. It’s difficult to write a review for the most anticipated movie in a decade without giving anything away so I’m going to leave it here. After watching this, you will have just as much you want to say as I want to!

Deadpool movie review


If I could sum this up in a sentence? Good question, nobody in particular!.. One giant, awesome, bad-ass, hilarious, vulgar, fourth wall break… Does that count as a sentence? I’m not sure, but, it’s not like I’m a writer or anything… Deadpool really needs no introduction, but I’m going to give it one because I want to. Deadpool stars Ryan Reynolds as Wade. Wade is ex military, and now works as a mercenary. He falls in love with a woman with a TON of issues, Vanessa… A little down the line he is diagnosed with cancer and goes to a mysterious man who cures him but also makes him ugly as hell and have super human abilities… Boom! Deadpool!.. It’s honestly a really simple premise, there are no real twists and it ends how you think it will. Being deep is not why you will love it… This movies is amazing on so many levels, I’m not going to sugar coat it or anything, it is just fucking awesome. It is also EXTREMELY rated R. You see multiple people in full frontal nudity, a couple sex scenes, “fuck” is used with nonchalance, and TWICE Deadpool uses a person decapitated head as a soccer ball… Like I said, fucking awesome.It is fun from start to end, the opening credits and opening actions sequence lets you know EXACTLY what kind of ride you are in for… I’ll be honest, I have never read a Deapool comic but from what I understand he talks to the reader. If that is true than they nailed this shit. He NEVER stops narrating.But not just narrating, actually talking like he knows he is in a movie. When he is talking to Colossus he literally asks which actor is playing Professor X! He says he fondled Wolverines balls to get in the movie, and he explicitly requests not to have a green, animated suit!.. I know it’s a small role but it has to be mentioned. T.J. Miller. T.J. Miller is one of the funniest people in comedy right now and I love him in this. I wondered if they just sat him and Ryan Reynolds down in a room for a while and said “be funny” and then put it in the movie… Writing this I am working very hard not to spoil anything because all I want to do is talk about every single detail of this movie. But, I can’t. All I can tell you is that you need to see it. I’m going to see it again, and then probably again.