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Thank You for Your Service movie review


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Bleed For This movie review


Bleed for This is a movie that, for a lot of people, I believe went rather under the radar. Which, is quite surprising considering it is a high point for Miles Teller who is having nothing BUT highs as of  late. For me however, I jumped on it (after missing it in theaters unfortunately). Bleed for This is a true story biopic that follows Vinny Pazienza (Miles Teller), a world champion boxer who breaks his neck in a car accident, gets a halo installed and the reenters the boxing scene against all odds. What I find amazing about this movie is that it starts out with almost a Wolf of Wallstreet feel to it with the fame, glory and the over the top way of representing it. The atmosphere of the movie stays there and rides that wave until it, very suddenly, changes into a serious drama. Normally this would kill a movie with such a massive change, but in this case it elevates it from being just another boxing=fame movie we have seen a hundred times… Miles Teller, who I always go on and on about, once again brings in a stellar performance, perfectly portraying the desperation that this boxer feels throughout the entire film. Watching him go from barely being able to move in his own bed to pushing himself in areas that are seriously life threatening is nothing short of inspiring. This is not only a great boxing movie alongside many others, but a great movie.

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Thank You for Your Service trailer review


I’d just like to start off by saying that the career of Miles Teller is weird yet amazing. He started off doing movies like Project X and 21 and Over, now he is one of the best young actors in Hollywood doing incredibly deep roles… The trailer for Thank You For Your Service (which is a fucking mouth full of a title) is indisputably spectacular. Everything about this leaves goosebumps on my skin. The music goes surprisingly well with the tone that switches from war, to struggling with PTSD back home. The footage they do show of everything gives away no story either. These days a trailer is just a short movie, not this one. All I know of this movie is that he was in war, it was his job to spot bombs, and he has PTSD. And that’s all I need to know! Well done.

Get a Job movie review


I don’t understand how a movie with so many amazing actors can be so terrible and unforgettable… Get a Job follows five twenty year olds right after college, and the main guys dad (Bryan Cranston) as he tries to find a job after being laid off… I think it is about time we stop holding Bryan Cranston up on a pedestal. He keeps being in bad shit! Miles Tellers career is in and off, but you can’t be in something like Whiplash and return to this. All the other actors are good but I forgot who they are. I even forgot Anna Kendrick was in this till I saw that poster!.. Nothing ever seems to go right in this movie. The jokes don’t stick, the characters don’t seem real, everyone over acts, and even though its barely over an hour it drags on forever… This movie tries to be a giant slap in the face to millennials. That is really all it tries to do. Throughout the whole movie it talks about how that generation is awarded for everything, and babied, and never works. Miles Teller shows up for work in a t-shirt. They all smoke weed. They ask for money… It’s not a bad concept, just shittily executed and the ENTIRE audience is millennials.


War Dogs trailer review


I love me a good action comedy! This one looks like it hit everything I like right on the nose! War Dogs stars Jonah Hill and Miles Teller and is a biopic about two 20-soethings that won a 300 dollar contract to arm Americas allies in Afghanistan. This movie has a definite Wolf of Wallstreet feel to it. The comedy looks dry, it looks real, and it looks like some serious shit goes down. I don’t know anything about this story in real life, and after watching this trailer I don’t want to learn any JUST to save the movie experience… The start of this trailer is great. It shows it is dark, gritty, but funny. As the trailer goes on it shows that these are NOT good guys, and that they went crazy with their money and power. The only thing that concerns me is it is directed by Todd Philips and the last two hangover movies were awful… But, this should be a great movie, and I’m excited to see these two actors together.

Whiplash movie review


Read the poster directly above this. All of that is true. Every last word of it, true. Whiplash follows Andrew, an aspiring jazz drummer that is selected to be in an elite group of musicians at a school. His instructor, Fletcher, is probably the biggest hard ass, abusive dick in the entire world. I have been a drummer for a decade now, so that is what attracted me to this movie, that is not why I love this movie. I love this movie because it is a brilliant, dramatic ride with some of the best acting I have ever seen. What is most astounding IS the actors. JK Simmons is the scariest man I have ever seen in this movie, he makes you want to curl up and die. It is suspected that a student of his killed himself because of him, and you believe it. Before this Simmons was “The dick news guy from Spiderman” or “That guy from those commercials”. Miles teller does some of the best acting he will ever do in this. Before this he was “The cowboy in the Footloose remake we all hate” or “The dick friend in 21 and over”. What they did with this movie is astounding and it is a must see.

The Spectacular Now movie review


I watched this 2 weeks ago and I am still angry! And if you aren’t angry after watching this something is wrong with you! You will be angry at the male protagonist for being such a dick, and you will be angry at the female protagonist for so many things. Mainly putting up with him being such a dick. This movie should be called “The Spectacular Way Miles Teller Will Fuck Up Your Really Good Life With His Really Shitty Life”. But anyway, to the movie review. The acting was good, Shailene Woodly killed it, obviously. And I’m a big fan of Miles Teller, and obviously he was good in this because I didn’t hate him I hated his character. This movie is nothing special though. It’s your average love story between a well rounded girl going places, and a screwed up guy that peaked in high school who ultimately round each other out. I’ve seen it a thousand times, you have seen it a thousand times. Just watch one where you don’t want to slap half of the main cast.