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Tomb Raider 2 trailer review


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The House trailer review


Quickest synopsis ever. Watch this shit.

Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler have a daughter, daughter wants to go to college. College is expensive.
Will- “Let’s do a casino in our basement.”
Amy- “Genious!”

In all reality this movie looks hilarious. A lot better than anything Will Ferrell has done in years and hopefully will bounce Amy Poehler back from Sisters. Jason Mantzoukas is in this as their friend that helps them make a casino, and I look forward to anything he is in… All in all this movie looks really cheesy from the trailer, but, I have never seen these to powerhouse comedy actors together and I think it will be killer!

Goon: Last of the Enforcers trailer review



This is not necessarily a BAD trailer, but, it is a very unneeded and unasked for movie. Sure, the first Goon was a fun little movie that gave me good laughs and I forgot about a week later. It’s not sequel worthy in any sense at all though! Seriously! This is a trailer review though and this trailer is not bad. It has some jokes that don’t look like they spoil every good joke in the movie, and you it gives you a good idea of what the movie is about… HOWEVER, it does give away everything, including the finale, in the trailer. And this is unforgivable.


Office Christmas Party trailer review


Project X with A-list actors? I think yes! I’m a sucker for Christmas movies, party movies, and comedies…There is one EVERY year. Last year it was The Night Before and one of my favorite actors, Seth Rogen, disappointed me… I think T.J. is here to make it up to me!.. Office Christmas Party looks like a pretty standard party movie. The half-baked excuse they have to party this time is to win over a client and keep their jobs… Shit looks like it hits the fan though when EVERYONE in Chicago gets invited… Jason Bateman is in this too, I assume just being funny and attending the party… Jennifer Aniston though may have another hysterical role to play!.. Aniston is a highly underused comedy actress and I’d LOVE to see her bust out the We’re The Millers and Horrible Bosses chops again!.. I’m gonna see it, obviously! Just turn off your brain and laugh for a couple hours.


Life on the Line trailer review


I was going to review the Power Rangers trailer until I saw this hilarious piece of trash and I HAD to talk about it. A movie about being a lineman and the tough job and lifestyle they have and how dangerous it is. Want to know how to make it less dangerous? Stop walking on pylons during storms. Learn how to cut down poles. Turn off electricity before you start working. Those are a few options! My favorite part of this trailer is how they make linemen seem like the true heroes none of us know about. Like, how they have to get the power turned off so firefighters can do their job. Conclusion: Linemen are more important and more brave than firefighters, OR, how a girl is with a guy and says he is a lineman like its some huge thing, like it is a good enough reason to be with him. Conclusion: Being a lineman is so hot right now. What is with Travolta’s accent anyway? Its truly awful… Next from Travolta “Waste of Time”, he is a garbage man that needs to clear the roads of cans so the police officers can get through. “Same Shingle, Different Day”, now he is a roofer that needs to stop the leak in the hospital so the doctors can work without the worry of getting dripped on! We are officially out of original ideas if this is the shit we get now.


Ghostbusters (2016) trailer review


Okay guys, don’t kill me or anything, but I  only kind of hated the trailer. I’m not saying I like the movie! This is not a movie review, this is a trailer review. And, the trailer had some non-shitty moments. For the  part, though, this made me scared to watch the movie. Okay trailer, hate that it is for THIS movie. I liked the opening drama of it with the piano and skyline view, and I enjoyed the twist they put on the theme song. OH! And they have slimer! How can you not be excited by that? Other than that, I’m very worried. I understand the ghosts didn’t look real in the original, but that was a long time ago! There is no reason the ghosts in this should look like they are straight out of the Scooby Doo movie! I like the actors, they could pull this together, and I hope they find a way!.. I hated the gun licking that girl did, “Girl Murray” basically. I worry that she is TOO weird and will just annoy me. On a final ranting note, I hate the last fifteen seconds of this trailer where the on buster slaps the other buster. I didn’t laugh, I thought it was stupid. So, in conclusion… This had some fun moments, but mainly I don’t like it because WE DON’T NEED THIS!!! However, I will go see it because I see everything. That doesn’t mean you should.

Krampus trailer review


Could they have made a better trailer for this? Answer: No, no they could not have! If it is not already obvious, I loved this trailer. Holy god damn shit did I love this trailer! “Oh, B, Why did you like the trailer for this likely forgettable Christmas horror movie so much?” I LIKED IT BECAUSE IT WAS AMAZING!!! Now that I got that that out of the way here is why it is so good. Krampus trailer starts out seeming like a Christmas comedy, the music is upbeat, the jokes are funny, and the actors support it. This movie has Adam Scott, David Koechner, and Conchatta Ferrell in it! How could I not think it was going to be funny?! Around a minute in though this trailer takes a hard, HARD turn it to horror. Now, if you aren’t familiar with Krampus, he is basically evil Santa. Once it turns into horror, you can tell this is going to be suspense driven. Suspense is what has been lacking from horror movies lately. I don’t want to see the monster right away, I want you to make me look over my shoulder and be tense! This movie looks like it provides that. I sincerely hope the movie runs along the same lines as this trailer and it wasn’t just top notch editing. If it does, I feel we have a real winner here.

Dirty Grandpa trailer review


Before I say anything about this trailer, I have to say that I really hate all the shit people are giving De Niro for doing this role. He has his awards, he has proven that he is one of the greats, let the guy have some fun! AS for fun though, this movie looks like a blast! I love Efron, and he has mastered the party-boy role for movies. And as we saw from the movie Last Vegas, De Niro can cut loose. The addition of Aubrey Plaza is amazing too. Everyone has at least the smallest crush on that woman. Now I’m not stupid, this has every potential to be stupid. Hell, they could have put the ONLY funny parts in the trailer. But, the way I look at it is that De Niro wouldn’t have signed up for this if it wasn’t worth being in. I also think that Efron is wanting a redemption from his shitty DJ movie. I wouldn’t see this in theaters, but I’ll definitely watch it once I can rent it!

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens trailer review


It has been well over a month now since my last trailer review because of my absence. Given that trailer reviews need to be timely from their release, I couldn’t exactly schedule any. BUT, since I’m back what better trailer to review than the one that crashed the internet?! Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens is probably the most anticipated movie of the last decade (step aside Avengers). Obviously, the people that put trailers together had quite a task on their shoulders! Well give these people a fucking promotion because they did it perfectly! This trailer shows so much, yet I know so little about this movie. It is visually stunning, giving you small peaks of action, new characters, old characters,and things that COULD be important but you don’t quite know. Which is exactly what you want out of a trailer! I can tell you almost nothing about this movie. I have no idea the story line, who is good, who is bad. Nothing. Yet, I am more excited by this trailer than any I have ever seen… This is going to be a damn good Christmas.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant trailer review


Okie dokie than… So, look at this poster. What do you see wrong? See it yet?.. IT SAYS “PART 1”! Stop. Making. Finales. In. Two. Parts. I hate this trailer. I hate it. I realize it is a teaser, but it is so corny. The first half looks fan made with its cuts to the previous movies. I know I loved the previous movie, in fact I said it set the bar for these specific kind of movies. THAT is the only reason I will go see this movie (and I have an addiction). But, lets look at the facts and history. Hunger Games is a very good series, arguably the best of this genre (YA-Dystopian-Fiction-Book-Adaptations), and the first part of Mockingjay was fucking terrible. On top of that, I couldn’t even get through the final book of this series, and the first movie is completely forgettable. I’m excited about Miles Teller, I am not excited about this movie. Hopefully this series will surprise me again.