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House of Cards TV show review


So, I decided to watch this show because I wanted another show like The West Wing… Do NOT go into this show for that reason. Holy shit is this show a whole different rodeo! House of Cards follows Francis and Claire Underwood as they back-stab, lie, cheat, and even murder their way to the top. Yes, I said murder. This show could not have worked on another platform other than Netflix (with the exception of maybe HBO). It is very rated R for violence, language, nudity, and what humor it does have is very dark. Kevin Spacey (Francis Underwood) often speaks directly to the viewers. That sounds like it is cheesy and doesn’t work, but, it does. Francis is a very two faced character. The only time he shows his real self is when he speaks to the viewers, without that you would not understand his character fully. And, in my “professional” opinion it is a better plot device than an inner monologue… As for the politics of this show go they are limited. Personally I was disappointed because I came to this show for the politics. After I realized what this show was really about, which was following the rising of this sociopath and how he does it, it was captivating.

Fuller House trailer review


That was… Hard to watch. Was it that bad the first time around? Fuller House is the new Netflix show that is coming out. Much like Full House it follows DJ, who has recently lost her husband and moves into her old house with her sister and friend Kimmy. I was very excited for this until I watched the trailer. The acting has gone downhill since the 90’s, and everything just seems like a callback. This trailer was ONLY bad jokes, old references, shitty acting, and annoying Kimmy. Now, I realize, that could just be for trailer sake and they could have made a great show and are cutting a trailer to look like the old show… I know that. Don’t tell me how to do my job! BUT, this is a trailer review. And that trailer was shit. Garbage. A big ol’ bag of dicks… It was bad. I bet you the only funny episodes are the ones with Stamos, Coulier, and Saget… I really don’t want one of my favorite shows ruined for me but it looks that way.