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Baby Driver trailer review

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My first advice is to watch the INTERNATIONAL trailer for this movie. It differs slightly, but, makes a big difference. Baby Driver, as far as I know from the trailers, follows a young getaway driver for heists that works for a crime boss. Ansel Elgort an Kevin Spacey play the two roles and that alone would get me in to see this. But, what is beautiful is Edgar Wright as a director! Ansel has become one of my favorite young actors and I’m excited to see him stretch his acting chops in this to something we haven’t seen him do. A lot of people are comparing this to Drive, which I admit I do so the resemblance. However, this movie seems much deeper than the other. Mixing comedy, drama, romance, with a brilliant director, all-star cast, and by the looks of it a good soundtrack. This movie provides me with all my favorite things in a movie going experience and I don’t think it is going to let me, or you, down.

The Martian trailer review


The Martian is the movie adaptation of the novel of the same name. It stars Matt Damon who appears to have trapped himself on yet another planet. I’m stoked for this, I realize I say that a lot, but that is kind of the job of a trailer. This however is based on a book that comes highly recommended from every person I have talked to that read it. In fact, I went straight to the library to check it out right after seeing the trailer. Now… The Martian is about Mark Watney, who after getting stranded on Mars when the mission evacuates, has to survive 4 years with only 31 days of supplies. How? Well in his words he will “Science the shit out of it”. I’m very happy that this trailer doesn’t fail in the aspect that most do. As is the case with most trailers, you watch the ENTIRE movie in three minutes. In this I feel like you see about 3/4, which while still unfavorable, is better than knowing the damn ending! The cast is happily stacked with names such as Damon, Wig, Bean, Glover, Daniels, and Scott. ($50 says that Sean Bean dies on the rescue mission.) Even though stellar casts don’t make good movies, such as my recently reviewed trailer, “Aloha”, I have a lot of confidence in this. I hope for all fans, I am not let down.