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The Incredibles 2 trailer review


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The Week Of trailer review


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I Feel Pretty trailer review

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Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer review


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Game Over, Man trailer review


Okay, that was kind of funny. You have to admit that you got a laugh out of the last bit where they were shooting near each other. Game Over, Man is a Netflix Original comedy starring the guys from Workaholics with the creators, writers, and exact comedy style of Workaholics. Basically if you like Workaholics you will love it. The movie follows three guys that get stuck in a tower and have to take out the terrorists from the inside. To me at least I see it as a Die Hard spoof movie. It may not be marketing it that way but, c’mon… If you know me or follow me you now I’m a sucker for comedies and will see this and laugh my ass off. I know it will be stupid, probably without an ounce of sustenance in it, but a laugh is good. If you can’t handle stupid comedies than without a doubt this won’t be for you. But, hey, it’s Netflix. You don’t even have to leave your couch or pay for it.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer review


First off, let me just point out what a beautiful poster that is and how well it resembles and portrays the trailer (and hopefully the movie as well). The use of so much red with a slight amount of blue. The dark with a speckle of light. The good coming through all the evil… Truly beautiful… Anyway, what a fucking awesome trailer, am I right? Whoever they have had making their trailers these last few years deserves another raise! This trailer asks so many more questions than I already had, and answers nothing. Does Kylo Ren kill Leia? Does Rey turn to the dark side? Does she turn to the dark side after Luke abandons her? Anakin was raised light and went dark, Kylo is raised dark so does he go light?… There is so much in the trailer that ignites the nostalgic nerd within me! The AT-AT’s, the Falcon, X wings, storm troopers, or even just the sound of a lightsaber give me goosebumps. But, beyond all that they are showing us more creatures, and technology, and more of this universe that already has generations of lore behind it… The Force Awakens was the resurgence of the Star Wars saga and I feel that this movie will be what revives the feeling the originals gave us all. What a powerful trailer.


Father Figures trailer review


Wow (in Owen Wilson’s voice), this looks absolutely awful!.. Father Figures follows two guys played by Owen Wilson and Ed Helms on an adventure to find out who their true father is since their mother was a major ho around the time they were conceived.  Comedy is my favorite, and it’s not very hard to please me. Hell, I enjoyed Baywatch! But, there is just something about the dude version of Mama Mia with raunchy jokes that are just meant to shock the audience that turns me off. Will I see it in theaters? No. Redbox, maybe if there is nothing else. Netflix? Sure, why not.

The Disaster Artist trailer review


The Room is a special kind of perfect storm of stupid. Tommy Wiseau’s acting, the writing, the nonsense, everything ABOUT The Room made it possibly the worst movie ever made that is just so fun to watch… Who better to make a movie about the creation of such a shitstorm than these guys? Whenever Seth Rogan and James Franco take the wheel I know I’m in for a treat of comedy, and as is their style they bring their friends! Dave Franco, Alison Brie, Zac Efron, Kate Upton, Kristen Bell, Adam Scott, Bryan Cranston… These are just a FEW of the names to appear in this movie. I honestly don’t know how this could fail with the power they are bringing to the table on such an obvious home run of a movie idea. I look forward to seeing it play out.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Comic-Con trailer review


Please, please, PLEASE be as awesome and as over the top as the first one is and you are making this on look… I beg of you! As you may be able to tell, I was a bit of a fan of the first Kingsman movie. No part of me expected a second one, but we are in 2017 and that is what we do. This at least looks good and has what appears to be a fresh take! On top of that they brought back Colin Firth! I don’t know how, but personally I don’t care how… The spin they have put on The Golden Circle of partnering with their American cousins “The Statesmen” has to be the funniest little twist I could have ever thought of. Everything English is exaggerated and over the top and I expect no less of every American stereotype. Who better to bring that home than Channing Tatum too? The Modern-day-old-school James Bond is back!

Thor: Ragnarok Comic-Con trailer review


SO, unquestionably this trailer is awesome. The music is awesome, the action is awesome, and it shows just enough to get excited about. It is also without question though that all cool parts of this trailer are featuring the Hulk. It begs the question… Was this movie made, and then they realized that their secondary character is the only good aspect, OR is Hulk actually as large a part of this movie as they are painting for us?.. Things I don’t like, or are just confusing, is the amount of comedy and Bruce acting weird. I like comedy, in fact I love it! So far though it seems like too much is being used and I don’t want it to be over crowded with comedy in a universe that has been gradually moving darker in a good way. Also, what the fuck is wrong with Bruce!? He’s acting weird in this… Either way, it’s Marvel so obviously I’m not going to write it off until I see it.

P.S. Hulk talking is amazing, and I would see this just to hear more of it.