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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer review


This trailer is undeniably awesome. Of course it is, there is no way they would have given us anything less than spectacular for the second Jurassic World movie (and fifth Jurassic Park). Unfortunately though, in order to make it awesome a lot was revealed that I wish wasn’t and I bet you anything that the scene where they run away from the volcano is one of the last scenes in the movie, put into this two minute trailer. Jeff Goldblum being in this and saying his famous line, “life finds a way”, is jaw dropping for sheer reminiscence alone. Would it have been better to hold off on Goldblum until the movie and REALLY blow us away? Absolutely. Either way, this trailer was fantastic, but sometimes that comes at a great expense of the movie-going experience.

PS. Kinda bummed that Owen and Claire already broke up, but I’ll bet you any money they get back together by the end of the film.

Avengers: Infinity War trailer review


Now, I’m not a HUGE Marvel fan so I don’t know everything there is to know about this universe. However, I’m also not insane or been living under a rock, so I’ve obviously seen all the MCU movies at this point (some more than others). What I do know though, just from watching this trailer, is that this movie has the potential to make every other MCU movie look boring by comparison! The biggest reveal of them all is clearly Thanos, a foe we have been preparing for almost 6 years now, that until this point had just been sitting in a chair and made of bad CGI. To me the second biggest reveal was The Guardians of the Galaxy for a split second at the end of the trailer. Something that I have thought a lot about ever since 2014 with the original Guardians movie was how they were going to tie in with the MCU, and if we would ever get to see them fight alongside the Avengers. To me, and everyone else I assume, their movies seemed completely separate from everyone else’s. I don’t know if they will fight this movie, or maybe they showed us the after credit sequence it the trailer! Either way, it was awesome… Another couple of things worth mentioning are emo Captain America, the addition of Dr. Strange, Caucasian vision, and the return of Hulk. Dr. Strange was another hero who’s addition to the group confused me slightly with how it will be done. Where the Guardians are far more advanced, technologically speaking, Dr. Strange’s powers will be almost overpowering in my opinion. I hope they don’t “nerf” him. Human looking Vision took me back for a second, and Thanos taking his forehead rock (yes, I know what it is called) took be back for a moment. I’m very interested to not only see why he is normal looking, but to see if he even lives!.. Oh! Spidey is in this too, obviously. After his hit of a movie, not throwing him in anything you possibly can would just be stupid! A couple changes though. He appears to have Spidey-senses now, which is a damn good thing too because he sucked at fighting without them! He also appears to have a new suit for some reason… I feel like I have been talking about Spider-Man’s new suit ever couple years for most of my life at this point. Either way, I’m not a fan… Out of the whole trailer though, that is about the only thing I’m not a fan of. It was action packed and smart. Teased just enough of what I needed to get me interested while still telling me absolutely nothing overall. It was also darker than most MCU movies seem, which I hope stays true in the actual movie. Either way though we all know I’m going to see this, and we all now you are going to see this, just like everyone else!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer review


First off, let me just point out what a beautiful poster that is and how well it resembles and portrays the trailer (and hopefully the movie as well). The use of so much red with a slight amount of blue. The dark with a speckle of light. The good coming through all the evil… Truly beautiful… Anyway, what a fucking awesome trailer, am I right? Whoever they have had making their trailers these last few years deserves another raise! This trailer asks so many more questions than I already had, and answers nothing. Does Kylo Ren kill Leia? Does Rey turn to the dark side? Does she turn to the dark side after Luke abandons her? Anakin was raised light and went dark, Kylo is raised dark so does he go light?… There is so much in the trailer that ignites the nostalgic nerd within me! The AT-AT’s, the Falcon, X wings, storm troopers, or even just the sound of a lightsaber give me goosebumps. But, beyond all that they are showing us more creatures, and technology, and more of this universe that already has generations of lore behind it… The Force Awakens was the resurgence of the Star Wars saga and I feel that this movie will be what revives the feeling the originals gave us all. What a powerful trailer.


Father Figures trailer review


Wow (in Owen Wilson’s voice), this looks absolutely awful!.. Father Figures follows two guys played by Owen Wilson and Ed Helms on an adventure to find out who their true father is since their mother was a major ho around the time they were conceived.  Comedy is my favorite, and it’s not very hard to please me. Hell, I enjoyed Baywatch! But, there is just something about the dude version of Mama Mia with raunchy jokes that are just meant to shock the audience that turns me off. Will I see it in theaters? No. Redbox, maybe if there is nothing else. Netflix? Sure, why not.

Downsizing trailer review


I do love some Matt Damon, weird plots, and comedy. Downsizing is a 2017 film that is getting released in December. The movie exists in a world where people can get shrunk down to a miniature size and live life very extravagantly because of this. The trailer starts out where I assume the movie does, with this concept getting introduced to the world by unveiling the first (publicly) shrunk down human. Later on Matt Damon hangs out with a friend of his played by Jason Sudeikis who convinces him that he and his wife should get shrunk down. So, they do! After that this trailer is nothing but an awesome montage of all the stuff you can do as a tiny person with massive amounts of cash… So, this is a legitimately interesting trailer, and hopefully movie. It is just a remarkably original idea and I’ve never seen or read anything like it! It is an original screenplay by Alexander Payne who is also directing. Payne is a relatively unknown director. Not bad, just small name. I am not too familiar with his work but, I am curious to see not only how he handles a screenplay so unique, but a star as bright as Damon. Everyone knows that Matt Damon is a wonderful actor, I only hope he is properly utilized… Given the fact that the trailer gives no hints as to what a conflict in the movie could be, there isn’t much speculation I can make. Since the shrinking process is irreversible, perhaps an issue arises that can only be solved by being big. Who knows? Either way though I am not missing this one while it is in theaters.

The Disaster Artist trailer review


The Room is a special kind of perfect storm of stupid. Tommy Wiseau’s acting, the writing, the nonsense, everything ABOUT The Room made it possibly the worst movie ever made that is just so fun to watch… Who better to make a movie about the creation of such a shitstorm than these guys? Whenever Seth Rogan and James Franco take the wheel I know I’m in for a treat of comedy, and as is their style they bring their friends! Dave Franco, Alison Brie, Zac Efron, Kate Upton, Kristen Bell, Adam Scott, Bryan Cranston… These are just a FEW of the names to appear in this movie. I honestly don’t know how this could fail with the power they are bringing to the table on such an obvious home run of a movie idea. I look forward to seeing it play out.

Ready Player One Comic-Con trailer review


Easter Egg! The Trailer! I’m serious, try to catch all the easter eggs in this ONE trailer on your first watch. You won’t be able to!

Now, I’m going to be very controversial here and tell you that I am actually quite disappointed by this trailer. It hurts me to say it, having loved the book and wanting to love this trailer, but I just don’t like it. I realize that books are books and movies are movies, but the only thing that reminds me of the book in any way are the stacks in the beginning. Other than that I know nothing of this film and it appears to me to be a CGI cluster-fuck… Granted, there is a high possibility that we know nothing on purpose but who knows? Steven Spielberg has the reigns on this and could very well deliver something a novel of this stature deserves.

Star Trek: Discovery Comic-Con trailer review


I have watched a lot of Comic-Con trailers today and it feels very weird to say that this is the best one out of them all. I have goosebumps from watching this! It feels like I am watch a movie trailer here, not a CBS TV show trailer in any capacity. On top of that, it feels like nothing I have ever seen before. There is so much Star Trek material already in the world already, TV show and movie alike. This feels and looks like none of it. It’s dark and gritty, it feels powerful and large… Some will say that it is too unfaithful from the original and I say that is okay. The old Star Trek was powerful and large for its time, but it would not work today. THIS is powerful and large and has the capacity to inspire a generation like the ones before it. I believe.

Geostorm trailer review


This. Looks. TERRIBLE. Oh my god does this look terrible! Geostorm is a movie about satellites that can control the weather that go haywire and cause natural disasters all over the world. Which, yes, that does sound awesome. This however does not LOOK awesome. And a premise can be amazing with a shitty movie… But, maybe the movie won’t be terrible. Everything about this trailer points otherwise though! The awful dialogue, the BEYOND shitty special effects, the out of place music, the weird plot that seems to turn into gravity with more explosions and death? Also, as far as I am aware this has been in production hell for years!.. I don’t know… I love disaster movies, and I realize they don’t need a good plot (look at 2012), but there is a limit…

Jumanji trailer review


Yes, Yes, I realize that everyone is getting their panties in a bunch because of this remake. You can’t deny that this looks fun, and has the potential to be hilarious. You got Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillian. How could you not hope this movie is great? On top of the actors being a good and diverse selection I wouldn’t expect seeing together it just LOOKS hilarious with the difference in people they play. Oh! Yes! Can you even qualify this as a remake, or just a different take on the idea? They go IN to the game this time, taking the places of the characters in the actual Jumanji jungle… It has the possibility of being hilarious, with an awesome new take on a great movie. I’m watching it.