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The Good Doctor TV show review


I don’t have autism and therefor can not be the voice of autism, but from what I know and have heard The Good Doctor is a wonderful voice for autism and I think that is fantastic. The Good Doctor follows Shaun Murphy, a brilliant young surgeon with autism that is recruited into a high-end hospital as a surgeon. Not only is he recruited in, but he is recruited in with many people against it and rooting for him to fail specifically BECAUSE of the repercussions of his autism. Freddie Highmore plays Shaun and is absolutely fantastic, perfectly falling into the role and bringing nothing with him. The character of Shaun is deep on so many levels and he pulls it off perfectly. Richard Schiff plays his “adoptive” father and I love it. I have loved everything that Richard Schiff does since he was in The West Wing and it is nice to seem him again. Apart from those two however, the rest of the shows cast seems a little two dimensional. Even writing this review I can’t remember their names. Sure, they have stories, but they are all over the top and feels a bit too much like a bad soap when the story is focused on them. Other than that small detail, which hopefully works itself out in time, this show is wonderful. The depiction of autism is spectacular, the acting of the main two people is splendid, the problems feel real, and the storytelling style of flashbacks really makes you feel more deeply and understand a character that has a difficult time showing himself.

The West Wing TV show review


I don’t have a lot of people that ready what I write consistently, BUT for those of you that do you may have noticed my lack of movies and that I missed my first day yesterday. This is because I have been netflixing. Verb: To watch a metric shit ton of Netflix at one time. Every now and then I find a show I get into so much that I watch multiple years of television in a matter of weeks. It would be days, but the bills have to be paid! Lately my obsession has been The West Wing. The West Wing is about the lives and workings of the president and employees of the west wing of the white house. This show is a binge watchers dream. Every episode ties in to one another, and the first season alone has twenty-two, forty-five minute episodes! What makes The West Wing so addicting is the characters themselves. I wouldn’t want to compare it to friends since they aired around the same time but there is a very large cast. The beauty of having such a large cast, is that you nearly never run out of good stories. A single story line can stretch multiple seasons. I know relationships aren’t the main focal point of this show, it’s the people, and the politics. Despite that though I find myself shipping some of these people more than I have in a long time for TV. Because there are so many characters I will not talk about all of them, since I like to keep my reviews short. Just know, all of these characters are amazingly deep, played by amazing actors. Definitely watch this show, but only if you don’t want a social life for a while.